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2019-05 QIRT 2018 Image & Data Processing
Approaches for quantitative study of divertor heat loads on W7-X
Y. Gao1, M. Jakubowski22, P. Drewelow2, F. Pisano3, A. Sitjes2, H. Niemann2, A. Ali2, M. Rack1
1Institut für Energie- und Klimaforschung; Forschungszentrum Jülich28, Jülich, Germany
2Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik5, Greifswald, Germany
3University of Cagliari13, Cagliari, Italy
Infraread Testing (IRT)

QIRT 2018
Session: Image & Data Processing
2019-04 Iran NDT 2018
Two-Dimensional Finite Element Modeling of Ultrasonic Time-Of-Flight Diffraction (TOFD) Technique
M. Riahi4, M. Khademikhaledi, A. Valipour
Center for Advanced Mechanical and Nondestractive Testing; Iran University of Science & Technology (IUST)18, Tehran, Iran
Wave propagation, Time-of-flight Diffraction (TOFD) , Finite element method, Flaw sizing

Iran NDT 2018
2019-03 iCT 2019 Materials Characterization
Fri 10:50 Auditorium
MultiScale and MultiTime Image-Based Control and Characterization of Lithium-Ion Batteries and Materials
R. Blanc15, M. Niklaus2, G. Pyka35, B. Winiarski3, D. Lichau13, A. Chirazi1
1Thermo Fisher Scientific13, Merignac, France
2Thermo Fisher Scientific, Tokyo, Japan
3Thermo Fisher Scientific, Brno, Czech Republic
Battery, Image-based Characterization, Battery Ageing, Correlative uCT-FIBSEM

iCT 2019
Session: Materials Characterization
Fri 10:50 Auditorium
2018-12 SHM-NDT 2018 Ultrasonics
Comparison of different microphone arrays for signal processing in nondestructive testing
A. Movahed1, T. Waschkies27, U. Rabe222
1University of Applied Sciences (htw saar)2, Saarbrücken, Germany
2Fraunhofer-Institute for Non-Destructive Testing (IZFP)474, Saarbrücken, Germany
Beamforming, Microphone Arrays, Ultrasonic Sources, Signal Processing

SHM-NDT 2018
Session: Ultrasonics
2018-11 EWSHM 2018 SHM in Civil Engineering
Distributed Corrosion Detection using Dedicated Optical Fiber Sensor (OFS)-based Steel Rebar within Reinforced Concrete Structures by Optical Frequency-Domain Reflectometry (OFDR)
S. Magne, S. Alvarez, S. Rougeault2
LIST, Laboratoire Capteurs Architectures Electroniques; Commissariat Energie Atomique (CEA)287, Gif-Sur-Yvette, France
Civil engineering, Corrosion, Sensors

EWSHM 2018
Session: SHM in Civil Engineering
2018-09 NDT Review NDT & E International
Assessment methodology for defect characterisation using ultrasonic arrays
A. Safari2, J. Zhang8, A. Velichko12, B. Drinkwater18
Department of Mechanical Engineering; University of Bristol53, Bristol, United Kingdom

NDT Review
Session: NDT & E International
2018-08 ECNDT 2018 Acoustic Emission
The combined use of millimeter wave imaging and acoustic emission for the damage investigation of glass fiber reinforced polymer composites
K. Kalteremidou, A. Pourkazemi, Y. El idrissi, Y. Morabet, G. He, J. Stiens, L. Pyl6, D. Van Hemelrijck18
aDepartment of Mechanics of Materials and Constructions bDepartment of Electronics and Informatics cDepartment Mechanics of Materials and Constuctions; Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) 54, Brussel, Belgium
Acoustic emission, Composite materials, Terahertz imaging

ECNDT 2018
Session: Acoustic Emission
2018-08 ECNDT 2018 EMAT
Inspection of lamp posts and other inaccessible areas with EMAT Medium Range Guided Waves
A. Romero13, C. Boyero14, V. Garcia15, F. Hernandez22, A. Syed24, B. Lopez24
1Innerspec Technologies Europe6, Madrid, Spain
2Innerspec Technologies14, Lynchburg, Virginia, USA
Corrosion, EMAT, Long-range ultrasonics, Pipes

ECNDT 2018
Session: EMAT
2018-08 ECNDT 2018 EMAT
New technique for ultrasonic inspection of multi-pass welds with EMAT guided waves
X. Minguez1, N. Feuilly23, M. Occhilupo3, A. Syed4,24
1Innerspec Technologies Europe6, Madrid, Spain
2SAIPEM SA2, Montigny-le-Bretonneux, France
3Saipem S.P.A, Roma, Italy
4Innerspec Technologies14, Lynchburg, Virginia, USA
EMAT, Nuclear industry, Offshore structures, Process control, Surface waves, Welds

ECNDT 2018
Session: EMAT
2018-08 ECNDT 2018 Nonlinear Ultrasonics
Ultrasonic transducers self-calibration of nonlinear time reversal based experiments using memristor
S. Dos Santos25, A. Massod
U930 Inserm-University of Tours; INSA Centre Val de Loire, Blois campus, University of Tours27, Blois, France
calibration block, instrumentation, Transducers, Ultrasonics, Damage detection and localization, memristor, Novel Techniques, Medical and related NDT

ECNDT 2018
Session: Nonlinear Ultrasonics
2018-08 ECNDT 2018 Process Control
Non-destructive Determination of Curing State of Rubbers during Vulcanization Process
C. Ülger1, E. Aydin1, H. Yelbay27, A. Kutlu1, C. Gür231
1Standart Profil, Istanbul, Turkey
2aWelding Technology & Non-Destructive Testing Research/Appl. Center bMetallurgical & Materials Eng. Dept.; Middle East Technical University (METU)41, Ankara, Turkey
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Process control, rubber, plastics, Ultrasonics, vulcanization

ECNDT 2018
Session: Process Control
2018-08 ECNDT 2018 Structural Health Monitoring
The application of Genetic Algorithm for Sensor Placement of PZT Wafer Towards the Utilization in Structural Health Monitoring
Z. Ismail, M. Fakih2, S. Mustapha2, H. Tarhini
aDepartment of Mechanical Engineering bDepartment of Industrial Engineering and Management; American University of Beirut2, Beirut, Lebanon
Inspection Qualification, Sensors, Ultrasonics

ECNDT 2018
Session: Structural Health Monitoring
2018-08 ECNDT 2018 Transportation, railway & automotive UT
New EMAT solutions for the railway industry
R. Santos1, J. Jimenez13, C. Boyero14, A. Romero13, V. Garcia15, A. Syed24, F. Hernández2, B. Lopez24
1Innerspec Technologies Europe6, Madrid, Spain
2Innerspec Technologies14, Lynchburg, Virginia, USA
Detection systems, EMAT, Novel Techniques, Rail and Axle Testing, Stress, Surface waves

ECNDT 2018
Session: Transportation, railway & automotive UT
2018-08 ECNDT 2018 Ultrasonic Inspection
Ultrasonic array design optimisation for defect characterisation
A. Safari2, L. Bai3, J. Zhang8, A. Velichko12, B. Drinkwater18
Department of Mechanical Engineering; University of Bristol53, Bristol, United Kingdom
Defects, Phased arrays, Transducers, Ultrasonics

ECNDT 2018
Session: Ultrasonic Inspection
2018-06 NDT-Slovenia 2017 Ultrasonic / Acoustic Emission Testing
Standards for Acousto-Mechanical Evaluation of Multiscale Hysteretic Properties of Complex Material with Nonlinear Time Reversal Imaging
S. Dos Santos125, M. Lints28, D. Arruga12, A. Masood1, A. Salupere28
1U930 Inserm-University of Tours; INSA Centre Val de Loire, Blois campus, University of Tours27, Blois, France
2Institute of Cybernetics; Tallinn University of Technology9, Tallinn, Estonia
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Ultrasonic Testing (UT), signal processing, nonlinear NDT, TR-NEWS, TR-NEWS, V3 calibration block, memristor, NDT 4.0

NDT-Slovenia 2017
Session: Ultrasonic / Acoustic Emission Testing
2017-11 NDT Review Sensors (MDPI)
A Review of Microwave Thermography Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation
H. Zhang12, R. Yang22, Y. He38, A. Foudazi42, L. Cheng5, G. Tian528
1School of Electronic and Information Engineering, Fuqing Branch; Fujian Normal University2, Fujian Sheng, China
2Changsha University2, Changsha, China
3Hunan University2, Changsha, China
4University of Missouri-Rolla (UMR), Missouri S&T 14, Rolla, USA
5School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering; University of Newcastle29, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
infrared thermography, NDT, microwave thermography, volumetric heating, material

NDT Review
Session: Sensors (MDPI)
2017-11 NDT Review Sensors (MDPI)
An Eddy Current Testing Platform System for Pipe Defect Inspection Based on an Optimized Eddy Current Technique Probe Design
D. Rifai2, A. Abdalla2, R. Razali2, K. Ali2, M. Faraj
Faculty of Engineering Technology; Universiti Malaysia Pahang2, Pahang, Malaysia
non-destructive testing, GMR, pipeline inspection

NDT Review
Session: Sensors (MDPI)
2017-07 Iran NDT 2017
A study on behavior of steel structures subjected to fire using non- destructive testing
A. Khadivi1, A. Sharifi1, S. Ranjbar2
1Azarbaijan Shahid Madani University (ASMU), Baku, Iran
2mechanical engineering department; Tabriz university, Tabriz, Iran
Fire, Nondestructive testing techniques, Ultrasonic wave speed, Steel structural behavior, Metallurgical microscope

Iran NDT 2017
2017-07 Iran NDT 2017
Detection of Fabrication induced Defects in Casting Components by means of Radiography Image Processing.
A. Jabari, A. S.nobari
Department of Aerospace Engineering; Amirkabir University of Technology 3, Tehran, Iran
Radiographic Testing (RT), Image Processing, Local feature detection (LFD), feature Correspondence matching, Edge Detection

Iran NDT 2017
2017-05 NDT Review Case Studies in Construction Materials
Analysis of the single and combined non-destructive test approaches foron-site concrete strength assessment: General statements based on a real case-study
K. Ali-Benyahia1, . Zoubir-Mehdisbartaï2, D. Breysse215, S. Kenai3, M. Ghrici1
1Department of Civil Engineering,; University of Chlef, Chlef, Algeria
2Department of Technology; University Bordeaux86, Talence, France
3Department of Civil Engineering; University of Blida10, Blida, Algeria
Concrete, Case-study, Non-destructive evaluation, Rebound, UPV, Core, Calibration, Model

NDT Review
Session: Case Studies in Construction Materials
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