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2020-03 NDT Review Optica (Optical Society of America)
Direct hyperspectral dual-comb imaging
P. Martin-Mateos, O. Bonilla-Manrique, F. Khan
Electronics Technology Department,; University Carlos III of Madrid14, Madrid, Spain

NDT Review
Session: Optica (Optical Society of America)
2020-02 AeroNDT 2019 Data Processing & Computed Tomography
Computed Radiography for High Resolution Imaging Applications of Aircraft Structures
M. Khan5, M. Brothers4, T. Gillis2
Aerospace Research Centre; National Research Council of Canada (NRC)89, Boucherville, Quebec, Canada
Non Destructive Testing, Computed Radiography, Industrial Radiography, Inspection Qualification.

AeroNDT 2019
Session: Data Processing & Computed Tomography
2020-01 SMAR 2019 Durability Issues as related to Harsh Environments - Fire Protection Systems
Effect of Harsh Temperature Environment on Strength and Durability of Normal and High Strength Concrete
M. Haq2, A. Hashmi, M. Khan, J. Raju
Civil Engineering Department; Aligarh Muslim University2, Aligarh, India

SMAR 2019
Session: Durability Issues as related to Harsh Environments - Fire Pr...
Qualification and Process Control of Computed Radiography Systems
M. Khan5, M. Brothers4, T. Gillis2
aAerospace Research Centre bInstitute for Aerospace Research; National Research Council of Canada (NRC)89, Boucherville, Quebec, Canada
Non Destructive Testing, Computed Radiography, Industrial Radiography, Inspection Qualification

NDT Canada 2019
2018-08 ECNDT 2018 X-ray radiography
Equivalent Penetrameter Sensitivity for Performance Evaluation of Computed Radiography Systems
M. Khan5, M. Brothers4
Aerospace Research Centre; National Research Council of Canada (NRC)89, Boucherville, Quebec, Canada
Image processing, Inspection Qualification, Radiography

ECNDT 2018
Session: X-ray radiography
Experimental Measurements on Attenuation of Bulk Wave in 6, 6 Nanofiber Interleaved Composite Laminates
C. Ramadas3, I. Khan2, K. Tiwari, A. SASI, M. Joshi6
aComposites Research Center bCenter for Nondestructive Evaluation, Dept of Mechanical Engineering; Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO)3, Pune, India
Bulk wave, air-coupled transducers, composite laminate, nylon 6, 6 nanofibers

NDE-India 2017
2018-03 APCNDT 2017 Certification 1
University Education and Training for the SGNDT Professional Certification
C. Liew, R. Abdul Rasheed Khan, H. Chew, Z. Chia
Singapore Institute of Technology, , Singapore
personnel training and certification, Applied Learning, Education, Pedagogy, Qualification

Session: Certification 1
Application of Non-Contact Ultrasonic Testingfor Interface Inspection of Multi-layered Pressure Vessels
A. Nitin1, K. Satveer2, K. S.1, M. Umesh1, R. J.1, M. K.1
1Advanced Centre for Energetic Materials, Nashik , India
2Terminal Ballistic Research Laboratory, Chandigarh, India

NDE-India 2015
2017-01 AeroNDT 2016 Guided Waves
Attenuation of fundamental anti-symmetric Lamb mode (A0) in isotropic plates
C. Ramadas13, I. Khan12, M. Joshi26
1Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO)3, Pune, India
2R&D Engineers (Est.)6, Pune, India
Ao mode, attenuation, isotropic plate, air-coupled transducers

AeroNDT 2016
Session: Guided Waves
2016-12 NDT Canada 2016 ISI/NDT Engineering I
Application of Bayesian inversion techniques on Multi-frequency eddy current data for sub-surface crack profiling in Steam Generator Tubing
S. Warraich, T. Rasool Khan, M. Ul Hassan
Department of Electrical and Power Engineering; National University of Sciences and Technology , Karachi, Pakistan
Electromagnetic Testing (ET), Particle Filter Inversion, Spatial Frequency Correlation, Non-Destructive Inspection, Multi-Frequency Eddy Current Measurements, Data Fusion

NDT Canada 2016
Session: ISI/NDT Engineering I
2016-03 MENDT 2015 Pipelines
Scraper Challenges in The Transport of Seawater by Pipelines – New Technologies and Potential Business Opportunities 
R. Abbas, M. Khan
Saudi Aramco24, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
MENDT 2015
Session: Pipelines
2015-11 NDTCE 2015 Monitoring
Validation and Integration of Non Destructive Evaluation data for the assessment of bridge decks
F. Khan12, M. Mazzotti1, I. Bartoli13, J. Weidner2, E. Aktan13, F. Moon13
1CAEE Department; Drexel University10, Philadelphia, PA , USA
2Intelligent Infrastructure Systems, Philadelphia, PA , USA
Infrared Thermography, Impact Echo, Data Fusion, Concrete bridge decks

NDTCE 2015
Session: Monitoring
2015-06 NDE-India 2014 NDE Signal & Image Processing
Image Analysis For Virtual Segregation Of Overlapped Radiographic Images
K. Devi, J. Gupta2, J. Dubey, D. Mohod, K. Khan
Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC)128, Mumbai, India
TRISO, radiography, Image analysis, virtual segregation
NDE-India 2014
Session: NDE Signal & Image Processing
2015-02 EWSHM 2014 Life Cycle Analysis
Design and Implementation of an Integrated Operations and Preservation Performance Monitoring System for Asset Management of Major Bridges
B. Cohen, S. Ye, G. Karaman, F. Khan2, I. Bartoli3, A. Pradhan, A. Ellenberg, F. Moon3, P. Gurian, K. Antonios, E. Minaie, C. Young, D. Lowdermilk, E. Aktan3
aCAEE Department bMEM, Department cIIS, One Drexel Plaza; Drexel University10, Philadelphia, PA , USA

EWSHM 2014
Session: Life Cycle Analysis
2013-12 AeroNDT 2013 Structural Health Monitoring
Environmental Effects on Piezoelectric Sensor-based Structural Health Monitoring
M. Khan15, M. Genest19, B. Rocha24, M. Yanishevsky14, N. Mrad310, M. Martinez15
1aStructures and Materials Performance Laboratory, Institute for Aerospace Research bInstitute for Aerospace Research; National Research Council of Canada (NRC)89, Boucherville, Quebec, Canada
2University of Victoria7, Victoria, BC, Canada
3Air Vehicles Research Section; Defence R&D Canada (DRDC)11, Ottawa, ON, Canada
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Structural Health Monitoring, Lamb Waves, Piezoelectric Sensor, Temperature Effects

AeroNDT 2013
Session: Structural Health Monitoring
2013-11 NDT Canada 2013 Smart Materials & SHM
Multiple Memory Shape Memory Alloys
M. Khan, S. Tang, J. Wang, A. Pequegnat, Y. Zhou
Research & Development,; Smarter Alloys, Toronto, Canada
Other Methods, shape memory, shame memory alloys, Smart materials

NDT Canada 2013
Session: Smart Materials & SHM
Transient Infrared Thermography Of Brazed Divertor Test Mock-Ups Before And Aftert High Heat Flux Test
Y. Patil*, S. Pandya, S. Tripathi4, M. Khan, S. Khirwadkar2, J. Govindrajan
Institute for Plasma Research (IPR)7, Gandhinagar, India
Transient IR thermography, Plasma facing component, Divertor, High heat flux test
NDE-India 2011
2011-09 CanSmart2009
Development of a Smart Material Based Microvascular Clamp
T. Rost, J. Koo, F. Khan
Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering; Miami University, Miami, FL, USA
Microvascular clamp, Shape memory alloy, Nitinol clip

20 Years of Developing Representative Reference NDI Coupons with Fatigue Cracks
M. Yanishevsky4, M. Martinez5, C. Mandache9, A. Fahr4, D. Backman2, M. Khan5
Structures and Materials Performance Laboratory, Institute for Aerospace Research; National Research Council of Canada (NRC)89, Boucherville, Quebec, Canada
ATANDT Forum 2010
2009-07 NDTCE 2009 Transport Properties of Concrete
Sorptivity of concrete composite systems - a measure of non-destructive testing
M. Khan
King Saud University5, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Electromagnetic Testing (ET), permeability, Sorptivity, transport properties, composite, concrete, Fly ash, microsilica
NDTCE 2009
Session: Transport Properties of Concrete
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