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NDT.net Issue - 2015-11 - Articles
NDT.net Issue: 2015-11
Publication: International Symposium Non-Destructive Testing in Civil Engineering (NDTCE 2015), 15-17 Sep 2015, Berlin, Germany (NDTCE 2015)
Session: Foundations

Inspecting the Foundations of Motorway Bridges to Investigate Karst Structures by the Use of Seismic Methods

Christian Hartmann, Ulrich Swoboda, Dirk Orlowsky
DMT GmbH & Co. KG, Essen, Germany

Abstract: In Germany alone, approx. 2,500 bridges require maintaining or replacing. Additionally, federal highway management plans consider the construction of many further new bridges within the next decade. At planning stage an intense assessment of the ground geology and its present-day condition is needed for the safe geotechnical integration of the bridge foundations in the ground. The knowledge about the underlying geological formations is partially very poor, especially for older bridge constructions. By the use of geophysical investigation methods valuable information of the ground can be derived from in-situ measurements to minimize risks and, thus, the construction costs. One very effective investigation method for the detection of cavities and zones with low structural integrity is the seismic tomography method which utilizes elastic waves through the ground (= seismic waves) for the derivation of ground material properties like density or shear strength. As one major advantage such investigative methods are non-destructive and can significantly reduce the efforts for the ground assessment with intrusive methods like with boreholes. Keywords: bridges, foundation, geology, karst, voiding, hazard, seismic crosshole, geophysics, elastic moduli 1 Introduction In Germany, the federal highways authority is responsible for up to 40,000 bridges. Many of them have been built more than 40 years ago and will likely require some form of maintenance in the near future [1]. This ...

Keywords: foundation (9), elastic moduli (3), bridges (9), geology (2), geophysics (4), karst (1), voiding (1), hazard (1), seismic crosshole (1),
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