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NDT.net Issue - 2016-06 - NEWS
NDT.net Issue: 2016-06
Publication: e-Journal of Nondestructive Testing (NDT) ISSN 1435-4934 (NDT.net Journal)

Sonotron NDT announces the new release of the ISONIC DUET Technology application for the PA inspection of welds

Sonotron NDT76, Rehovot, Israel

ISONIC DUET Inspection SW package for ultrasonic Phased Array (PA) flaw detectors of ISONIC series (ISONIC 2009, ISONIC 2010, ISONIC 3510) relates to the inspection of butt / circumferential / longitudinal / transit welds from both sides simultaneously with use of a pair of PA probes introduced for the first time 5 years ago has been improved significantly over the years. Now the welds inspected with use of ISONIC DUET Technology may have both the symmetrical and the asymmetrical bevel, the dissimilar thickness of the welded parts, the high-low either preprogrammed or not, and the like. The inspection may be performed with use of a pair of equivalent or different type PA probes and wedges. There is no external splitter required for the connecting of 2 PA probes to the ISONIC series PA instruments as all of them are equipped with 2 PA probe terminals.

True to geometry coverage and imaging of the weld & HAZ volume is provided for each PA probe separately and in the overlap; each PA probe may implement a number of scan plans simultaneously in the MULTIGROUP mode.

For the first time ever the complimentary TOFD inspection with forming of up to 4 various shots (depending on the material thickness) may be performed out of the same pair of PA probes. This novel way of implementing TOFD shots extremely simplifies and lightens the structure of the scanning frame; alternatively the use of one or more additional pairs of regular TOFD probes connected to the conventional channels of the instruments is possible.

It is also provided the ability of simultaneous K-Pattern pitch-catch detection of the transversal cracks with the use of conventional shear wave probes.

Whilst scanning the weld from both sides along the fusion line the instrument performs:

  • 100% raw data capturing.
  • True-to-geometry cross-sectional imaging for each probe separately and in the overlap.
  • Generating of the corresponding strip chart representing top view of the weld and HAZ for each probe separately and in the overlap.

Coupling with the material is monitored for each PA probe separately and recorded into the corresponding strips.

The latest release of ISONIC DUET Inspection SW package is fully compatible with the recently introduced VAUT technology (Video Aided UT): the video camera may be fitted into a scanner frame carrying the probes and focused onto the certain area of interest, for example – the weld surface. In that case the inspection results file will carry the UT synchronized with the VT (Visual Testing) data providing the dual modality inspection results obtained in one pass and comprised together increasing the global productivity of NDE.

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