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NDT.net Issue: 2017-01
Publication: e-Journal of Nondestructive Testing (NDT) ISSN 1435-4934 (NDT.net Journal)

Tap Testing vs. Thermography

Jasson Gryzagoridis9, D Findeis
Mechanical Engineering Department; University of Cape Town9, Cape Town, South Africa

Abstract: A State of the Art instrument using the tap testing technique ‘The Woodpecker - WP-632AM’ developed by Mitsui was used to compare detectability of manufactured defects (flat bottom holes) in Perspex and aluminium specimens/coupons. A modern infrared camera the ‘T440’ developed by FLIR was also employed to perform Thermography tests on the same specimens. In this paper the authors present a comparison of the test results obtained using the above mentioned NDT techniques. The two instruments proved to be very user friendly, require very little set up time and practically no surface preparation on the specimens was required. Testing the specimens, using either technique with its respective instrument, is performed rapidly and both instruments provide instantly, permanent records of the results.

Keywords: defect detection (77), thermography (107), Tap Testing (2), flat bottom holes,
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