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~ ~ Ultrasonic Testing (UT) is a widely used Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Method ~ ~
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"The ASNT Marketing Department is developing new policies on all of the Society's public relations through electronic media. Until those programs are completed, press credentials are being issued only to print media representatives."
We will, therefore, be unable to report on the ASNT Spring Conference this year. As a member in good standing of ASNT, we have some concerns about this policy, as it appears inconsistent with the ASNT Mission and Code of Ethics. We were accredited at ASNT Fall'96 Conference; were they unhappy with our Seattle Report ?
Fortunately, other Societies have different views. We will report on the DGZfP '97 NDT Conference (as much as possible in English for our international readers! Please see Report 1996).
This month we focus on ultrasonic testing using Lamb Waves (Guided waves). An animated Lamb Waves presentation shows how they are generated.

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  • Thickness measurement in the production line. A new Profile by Krautkraemer.
  • Advances in pulse-echo testing of concrete Cambridge Ultrasonics and the Institut für Massivbau, Darmstadt are looking for other organisations to join a project and develop a second generation of ultrasonic instruments for testing concrete.
  • 'Sounding Out' Improved Materials An inexpensive acoustic wave transducer developed by NIST mechanical engineers soon may make it easier for researchers to decide if new composite materials or film coatings have the right mechanical properties for specific applications.
  • The "European NDT-Innovation Diploma" has been established to reward the best innovative, experimental or methodological contribution in the field of NDT.
  • The FIZ Technik Database is available through the World Wide Web.
  • International Pipeline Consortium Targets $5.3 MILLION for Pipeline Inspection Technology.
    Four U.S., Canadian, and British organizations have formed a $5.3 million venture to develop additional ultrasonic tools for detecting stress corrosion cracking in pipelines. (9 Dec 96 NEWSWIRE)
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