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Ultrasonic Testing (UT) is a widely used Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Method

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Ultrasonic thickness gauge for multilayer plastic fuel tanks
An interference method using ultrasonic tone-bursts employs a frequency progression wherein a frequency producing a minimum in the reflection echo from the barrier layer identifies the thickness of the barrier layer. A new US Patent from Ford Motor C.
(Background information: "Automated In-Mould Ultrasonic Wall-Thickness Measurement" by Rolf Diederichs.
Research Developments in the Specification of Adhesives
A study to determine accurately the potential of adhesives was funded by the Body Research Department at Ford and ACME. This measures acoustic wave propagation parameters from which mechanical moduli are derived as functions of frequency.
(More through FIZ Technik, Database Web Automotive Information and News - Practice File).
Resonant Inspection
Magnaflux now offers a patented new NDT technology that was initially developed by Los Alamos National Laboratory. Technically, it's resonant ultrasound spectroscopy, but its simply called Resonant Inspection (RI).
(More through Magnaflux on IndustryNet)
Ultrasonic Resonance Spectroscopy for Conrete Structures
New inspection equipment has been built and tested which has been fitted inside a rugged, portable personal computer to be used in conditions ranging from laboratory to construction site. The project aims to evaluate the new techniques on pre-cast concrete units and concrete bridge structures etc.. The project is led by Instrumentation Innovation Ltd and sponsored by the EC's Brite-EuRam programme and PSTI.
An intelligent "pig" tests pipelines around the world
Research News from the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft (FhG) .

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