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May '97

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Ultrasonic Testing (UT) is a widely used Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Method

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The Application Workshop is open!
NDT Method of each

Application Workshop
This workshop is open during May, 24 hours a day. The center of the workshop is an "Ask the Experts Forum". The top of the forum will feature papers of the panel of experts. A Workshop Library will provide further information on the theme. The discussion procedure is based on an interactive form - that means readers will fill in their questions or contributions, and readers' posts will be automatically transferred to the Workshop room and listed there. To make it as convenient as possible for you, the message board will include a mailing list. That means everyone (Registration) will automatically receive the submitted topic by email. For further information read the Workshop FAQ.

    12 Experts presenting the following papers
  1. Evaluating Performance of a Boreside Array for Heat Exchanger Inspection [A] =Abstract
    By Tom Carodiskey, Krautkramer Branson
  2. Inspection of Cylindrical Structures Using Ultrasonic Guided Waves [A]
    Ahmad Chahbaz, Tektrend Canada
  3. Ultrasonic compression wave NDT of adhesively bonded automotive structures [A]
    Richard Freemantle, Keele University UDSP Laboratory
  4. Application of Mechanised Ultrasonic Inspection to Manually Welded Pipeline Girth Welds [A]
    Edward A.Ginzel, Materials Research Institute Canada
  5. Ultrasonic imaging of defects in composites [A]
    Wolfgang Hillger, Ing. Buero Dr. Hillger Braunschweig Germany
  6. Ultrasonic Pulse Echo Technique For Concrete Elements Using Synthetic Aperture [A]
    Martin Krause, Material Testing Institute BAM Berlin Germany
  7. Detection and sizing of austenitic and dissimilar welds using an optimized UT-system [A]
    Friedrich Mohr, Siemens Erlangen Germany
  8. Automated Ultrasonic Testing Systems for Aluminum Plate Inspection [A]
    Tom Nelligan, Panametrics USA
  9. Determination of crack depth using ultrasonics - An overlook [A]
    Udo Schlengermann Krautkramer Germany
  10. Wave Modes Produced by Air Coupled Ultrasound [A]
    Jan O.Strycek, QMI
  11. Analysis and Optimization of Ultrasonic Imaging Methods for Inhomogeneous Structures [A]
    Linas Svilainis, Kaunas University of Technology Lithuania
  12. Approximative Modeling for the Practical Application at Ultrasonic Inspections [A]
    Hermann Wuestenberg and Anton Erhard, Material Testing Institute BAM Berlin Germany

Parallel Implementation of the Filtered Back Projection Algorithm for Tomographic Imaging
Computer Tomography(CT) is used in several applications --- medicine, non-destructive testing/evaluation, astronomy and others to look inside objects and analyze internal structures. However, the problem in general is computationally very intensive. The results show that parallel processing is very viable for CT reconstruction and results in significant run time savings.
Raman Rao, Ronald D. Kriz (kriz@vt.edu) , Ronald D. Kriz Virginia Tech College of Engineering
Applied on Materials Application:
Eigenvalue-Eigenvector Glyphs: Visualizing Zeroth, Second, Fourth and Higher Order Tensors in a Continuum
Paper presented at Workshop on Modeling the Development of Residual Stresses During Thermoset Composite Curing, September 15-16, 1995, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, sponsors: NCSA, NIST Center for Theoretical & Computational Material Science, Institute for Mechanics and Materials and College of Engineering at the Univeristy of Illinois.

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Recent Contract Awards in Nondestructive Testing
NTIAC Web Site

Neutrons Tackle Materials Stress
NIST researchers expect that an important result of this research will be development of a Reference Standard for testing and calibrating portable X-ray and ultrasonic instruments, which could then be used in the field to measure stress in airframes, railroad rails, or pipelines.

Inspecting Pipes
--NIST researchers have received a patent for a new method of measuring wall thickness and detecting flaws (such as cracks, and corrosion) in natural gas pipelines by using ultrasound. NIST is working with the Southwest Research Institute, under a contract with the Gas Research Institute, to show the practicality of the method.

Visualization of ultrasonic measurements of cylinder thickness
The NASA Lewis Research Center's (G-VIS lab) Graphics & VISualization laboratory.

Technology Opportunity Bulletin Micromachined Air-Coupled Capacitance Transducer
A joint project of Non-Contact Imaging of a Bonded Aluminum Lap-Joint together with the non-destructive evaluation (NDE) group at the Institute for Aerospace Research (IAR)

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