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This Month's Introduction
This month we'll focus on NDT/UT in Power Generation
Ultrasonic Testing of Austenitic Materials is a major theme of Power Generation.
This is highlighted by a complete chapter of 60 pages in the German book "Ultrasonic Testing of Austenitic and Dissimilar Metal Welds",
which is provided here in German and English.
We'll bring you all the 180 abstracts from the '97 COFREND Conferences on NDE in Nantes.
Thanks to COFREND, the French NDT Society for their permission to use the Conference CD-ROM.

You'll find more articles and other resources showing that Power Generation makes
intensive use of Nondestructive Testing Methods, especially Ultrasonic Testing.
In our News section we rewiew a lecture and a lively dispute on the
European TOFD Draft standard at DGZFP Ultrasonic Workshop.
You can listen to Mr. Wuestenberg's statement.

NDT - Method

This Month's Articles
NDT in Power Generation

Ultrasonic Testing of Austenitic and Dissimilar Metal Welds [D]
The complete chapter IV with 60 pages of the German book is provided here in German and English. Testing of austenitic and dissimilar metal welds is generally limited, since truly homogeneous ultrasound wave propagation does not exist. The testing and manufacturing methods must find economical solutions for achieving testability for those components. In this chapter the author focus on practical solutions, for instance Probes and Testing Techniques, Test Results of austenitic Welds, Dissimilar Metal Welds and Claddings; Comparison of EMAT- SH- and SEL Technique.
By Rudi Schmid. At 20. September 1997 he died to early in the age of 51 Years. Our highest respect and deepest gratitude to him and his lifework.
German Book: "Ultraschallprüfung von austenitischen Plattierungen, Mischnähten und austenitischen Schweißnähten", Eberhard Neumann et al, Expert Verlag Germany Renningen Homepage.

Feasibility study of ultrasonic inpsection using phased array of turbine blade root
The results of a feasibility study for ultrasonic inspection of L-0 blade root inspection are presented. Two linear phased-array probes were used to detect the EDM notches in specific reference blocks and an actual spare blade root. The ray-tracing model was used to develop wedges, to optimize the detection, and to explain detection by mode-converted waves. The sizing accuracy for length is about 1 mm, and 0.5 mm for the height. Representative detection and sizing examples are also included.
A.Lamarre, RD TECH, N. Dube, RD TECH, P. Ciorau, Ontario-Hydro, B.Bevins, Ontario -Hydro (this article was presented at the 5th EPRI Steam Turbine/Generator Worshop on july 97 at Orlando, Fl

Low and Multi-Frequency Eddy Current Techniques Assure the Integrity of RPV Clad in Nuclear Power Plants
This paper discusses the development of optimized, high dynamic-range, eddy current techniques utilizing a specialized yoke-type absolute coil transmitter and differential coil receiver. The eddy current working frequencies are below 500 Hz, and the combination of eddy current data with data acquired using a multi-frequency approach allows for signal-to-noise ratio enhancements and filtering of disturbing signals. Results are presented from the qualification process, which documented the reliability of the system as confirmed with specific test and calibration blocks, and during inservice inspections.
Dr. Reiner Becker, Dr. Ludwig von Bernus Dr. Michael Disqué, Prof. Dr. Michael Kröning Fraunhofer-Institute Nondestructive Testing , Germany Michael H. Dalichow Quality Network, Inc. (QNET)

Case Study of Qualification of Remote Automated Ultrasonic
This paper describes a recent specific example of how Nuclear Electric has demonstrated the capability of a remote automated ultrasonic inspection on its Advanced Gas Cooled Reactor plant. Following the discovery of a small leak in a 300mm diameter austenitic steam tube there was an urgent requirement to develop a capability for inspecting all similar welds and to provide a demonstration of capability of the inspection. The paper describes the inspection requirements, the ultrasonic techniques, equipment which was developed and how the capability was demonstrated.
R V Booler, R C Owen, R K Chapman, Nuclear Electric Ltd, UK
Proceedings of the Joint EC OECD IAEA Specialists Meeting held at Petten on 11 - 13 March 1997 European Commission JRC, Institute for Advanced Materials, The Netherlands.

A wealth information about Power Generation on the Internet
As usually it needs efforts to find NDT relevant sites between hundrets of references the search engines turned out. A lot of links pointed to the Electrical Power Research Institute (EPRI) and the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). Links to documents on NDTnet were listed also, but the themes of this links were more or less general applicable like 'UT of welding' which is of course is a big task in the Power Generation industry. But for that we will provide an extra focus with a future NDTnet issue.

All 180 Abstracts of the COFREND NDT Conference Sept'97 in Nantes
Innovative NDT Conferencing - CONFREND, the French NDT Society's Annual Conference. Attendees received a CD-ROM with full text of all authors' articles together with the printed proceedings. This conference is an international event, papers are presented partially in English and sessions are simultaneously translated. Unfortunately our schedule didn't permit us to be there. But after seeing the excellent material, we plan to join the next conference. Thanks to COFREND for their permission to use the CD-ROM material. This is an especially valuable contribution for this month's focus on power generation. France's power generation industry is highly developed, so NDT methods are highly sophisticated, as the articles from the French Power Generation Company (EDF) demonstrate.

ASNT Fall Conference: Reviews and Abstracts, partially illustrated
Rolf Diederichs visited the event in Pittsburgh Oct '97and provides this Report. In Pittsburgh were pleased to receive verbal permission to show you all abstracts of the ASNT conference proceedings from Don Embinder (ASNT). Our note explaines the circumstances why we can show at this time only the reviews of all the sessions Rolf Diederichs visited.

ASNT Fall Conference: Walk on the Quality Testing Show in Pittsburgh Oct '97
About 90 companies presented their products at the Exhibition. We presented our NDTnet Internet Site and we were able to find great interest for our Website as well the new NDTnet'97 CD-ROM. Thanks to IRT for geting space and equipment for our presentation at its booth.

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News Archive '97
News Archive '96
Critical Argument regarding the European TOFD Draft standard. [D] Updated 10.12.97.
This lecture led to a lively dispute among the experts of the Ultrasonic Testing Scene. DGZFP Ultrasonic Workshop, NOV 17-18 Saarbrücken.
Listen to Mr. Wuestenberg's statement - in German

Siemens acquires Westinghouse´s fossil power plant business for US$1.5 billion Nov 14, 1997
For general information on KWU see Siemens Power for Generation (KWU) Homepage.

New Products displayed at the Quality Testing Show
What we saw during our walk on the Quality Testing Show at the ASNT Fall Conference in Pittsburgh Oct '97.

Laser Ultrasonics Drive the Nondestructive Testing Market
Laser-based systems will drive ultrasonic testing to the forefront of the nondestructive testing (NDT) market, says an analysis of the US NDT market released by Maxtech International. Two companies have already begun supplying the laser ultrasonic systems to the US market; Textron Systems Div., based in Wilmington, Mass., and UltraOptec in Boucherville, Quebec. Five other companies have laser-based ultrasonic systems in the R&D stage, Maxtech reported in Business World News Briefs July 1997.

$600,000 Saving by using Acoustic Emission
Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) saved an estimated $600,000 by using acoustic emission (AE) monitoring in lieu of conventional NDE surface techniques to inspect reactor pressure vessel (RPV) head and internals lifting rigs.

In Situ Inspection of Power Plant Equipment Offers Time & Cost Savings.
The ability to perform periodic equipment and component inspections without dismantling equipment allows operators to keep plants running smoothly. The EPRI's NDE Center provides members with technical support and training on in situ methods.

Nondestructive Testing Tool Reduces Inspection Costs & Plant Outages
EPRI's small punch test is a nondestructive method for in-service evaluation of steel components.

Joint-venture von Philips Industrial X-Ray mit Andrex AS
Die Philips Industrial X-Ray (IXR) GmbH, Hamburg, und Andrex AS, Kopenhagen, Dänemark, wollen ihre Aktivitäten zusammenführen.

A new BCC Business Oppertunity REPORT.

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