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Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors
This Month's Introduction
Most of this month's issue focuses on techniques of Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors.
On this virtual NDT site we provide contents which are frequently used at "real life" conferences. The scope ranges from Professional Programs (Articles), Discussion Session (Forum) and in cooperation with NDTnet Exhibition we offer a SPECIAL MAY '98 EXHIBITION on Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors.
Furthermore a training file Q & A provided by NDT TestMaker and A Glossary make this issue a comprehensive Buyers Guide.
A Survey of Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors characterizations could just make your next instrument purchase a lot easier! Please take a few minutes and
fill out this survey. You can win an NDTnet 97-96 CD-ROM!

We are pleased to welcome Linas Svilainis from the Ultrasound Research Center at Kaunas University of Technology, as our chairman of this month's UTonline Forum. His knowledge is concentrated in equipment design and ultrasonic data processing. He invites you to share any ideas or questions you have relating to this topic.


This Month's Articles -----
The Hardware Concept of a new Digital Ultrasonic NDE System
the publications related to "pure" ultrasonic applications overhelm the applications related to hardware. Such situation might be explained by "company secrets" concept partially. Activities of our center cover the ultrasonic systems hardware and software design. Ideas and problems met here we would like to share in this publication.
L.Svilainis and V.Puodziunas Kaunas University of Technology, Studentu 50, TEF#340, LT-3031 Kaunas, Lithuania
New Electronic Components and Software for Single and Multi-Channel Ultrasonic Inspections of Piping and Components
The article was presented and published during the conference "Phenomena and Applications of Ultrasound -- Ultrasonic Flaw Detection in Russia", held in honor of the 100-year birthday of Professor Sokolov, in June 1997 in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Authored by J. Kretow and K. Pavros, QNET St. Petersburg B. Rockstroh and W. Kappes, Fraunhofer-IZFP Translated to English by M. Dalichow and M. Calcamuggio, QNET USA
Inexpensive Ultrasonic Equipment for Fingerprint Recognition Applied to Material Testing
The technique of ultrasonic camera which was designed for the imaging and recognition of finger ridge patterns was applied to material testing. The article describes the princples of the equipment design and the very first results of flaw detection at a brass cylinder are presented. The device is designed to produce 3D Pictures of flaws or structure of biological objects. We hope to achieve such pictures in few weeks.
Wieslaw Bicz; Optel, Wroclaw Poland
Specifications of Digital Ultrasonic Instruments in In-Service Inspection of Nuclear Power Plants
[Anforderungen bei der wiederkehrenden Ultraschallprüfung von Reaktorkomponenten mittels blendenfreier Prüfsysteme.
Recently, quasi-gate-free digital ultrasonic instruments were developed for in-service inspection of NPP (Nuclear Power Plants) to improve the inspection results and decrease test and evaluation time. The signal recognition and the data reduction for inspection visualization are important issues in the application of these new systems.
G. Csapo, T. Just
Analog characteristics of Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors
Analog characteristics of ultrasonic flaw detectors are essential for successfully solving today's inspection tasks. With modern computerization, analog components may not always receive their fair share of attention. The article highlights some important transmitter and receiver elements, e.g., pulser type, damping frequency, bandwidth, filter. Some of the text reviews analogs of the new standard EN 12688-1.
R. Diederichs, NDTnet
Characterization and Verification of Ultrasonic Examination - Instruments
We summarize the new European Standard EN 126681-1 Part 1: Instruments. This standard gives methods and acceptance criteria for verifying the electronic performance of ultrasonic instruments. with A-scan displays, employed for manual ultrasonic non-destructive examination. A specific group of these methods and acceptance criteria shall be used at least once every twelve months to verify the fitness for purpose of an ultrasonic instrument during it's lifetime. Other two parts of this standard consists of Probes (2) and Combined Equipment (3)
R. Diederichs, NDTnet
Ultrasonic non-destructive testing system of journal bearings
The structure and the principle of ultrasonic non-destructive testing system of journal bearings are described in this article. The testing principle is based on the influence of adhesion quality on the amplitude of ultrasonic signal, reflected from the interface between layer and main metal. The measurements are performed using pulse response technique with 5 MHz immpersion transducers. The developed ultrasonic system consist of the electronic unit, scanner, testing tank and IBM PC type computer with specialized software. The test results can be presented in the usual A, B, C scan modes imcluding options of signal processing, which allow determine the zones of delamination. The experimental results and the method for the evaluation of the total area of detectyed zones of delamination are presented also.
R.Kazys, L.Mazeika, A.Voleisis, R.Sliteris, K.Kundrotas, V.Augutis* Ultrasound Research Center *Department of Electronic Instruments Kaunas University of Technology
Fingerprint structure imaging based on an ultrasound camera
This paper describes the design of an ultrasonic camera for the near surface structure observation of solid objects and is suitable for the finger ridge pattern imaging (i.e. pattern which is reflected in a fingerprint). It can also be employed for all other sorts of structures which have ultrasound detectable changes in the near surface structure, both natural and artificial (e.g. created for information recording). Presented are also perspectives of further development of the camera.
Wieslaw Bicz et al; Optel Poland.
Q & A of Ultrasonic Instrument Characterizations
Materials Research Institute Canada contributed this month's Q&A from their NDT TestMaker software.
Edited by R. Diederichs
NDTnet resources related to Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors
Access to 38 Full Text articles as well as more resources of other NDTnet departments.
Review: Quality assurance of spot-welded joints - use of high frequency ultrasonic technology
Rolf Diederichs reviewed this article during the April UTonline Forum. Other forum posts of Ultrasonic Examination of Spot Welds showed that this subject is a topical theme in the automotive industry. (James Dolfi) For this and other weld topics we expect soon answers from the American Welding Society (AWS). Watch NDTnet for future updates on Weld Testing.

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NDTnet at the 7th ECNDT in Copenhagen, 26-29 May 1998
Every four years a European Conference on Non-Destructive Testing is held in Europe. Copenhagen has been chosen for this major event for the European and international NDT communities in 1998.
Naturally, NDTnet, one of the world's leading Internet NDT publishers, is anxious to see the conference succeed and we're happy to help in any way we can. We've received the final program information, and are pleased to offer the Full Professional Program on the Internet.
Please visit our booth no. 7 in the society area. Rolf Diederichs will present our services and for the poster session the paper NDT on the Internet.
New: ECNDT '98 Poceedings coming soon online
New: ECNDT '98 Authors

QMI introduces new solutions for testing of highly attenuating materials
QMI's new product is called AIRMAX. It is designed for air-coupled transducers only, with a frequency range of 40 kHz to 200 kHz.

Don't Miss the Krautkramer Site for the New USN 52R High Resolution Flaw Detector!
Packed with features designed to address your most rigorous inspection and test code requirements!

R/D Tech launched its new Internet Site
A comprehensive and informative Web Site design.

In situ nondestructive testing with smart components
Conductive SiC-fibre reinforced composites should be able to give information about their degree of damage after and during mechanical or thermal stress. Bases for the "intelligent components" are silicon carbide fibre-reinforced composites. The SiC-fibres are used as electrical sensor to detect the damage degree or the temperature of the specimen, because of their electrical conductivity. The insulating matrix consists of borosilicate glass.

FIZ Karlsruhe launches a broker service for delivery of documents - AutoDoc
The system will provide a centralized service including a help desk and a billing service for the customers on one hand and for the document suppliers on the other hand.

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