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Sept '98

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This Month's Introduction
Most of this month's issue focuses on the full-text papers of the ECNDT '98 Aerospace Session.
One such article is "Characterization of Defects in Composite Materials Using Rapidly Acquired Leaky Lamb Wave Dispersion Data, " co-authored by Y. Bar-Cohen et. al. Jet Propulsion Lab. In conjunction with this article, we are pleased to introduce Dr. Yoseph Bar-Cohen, who will serve as the coordinator for the questions and comments on NDE of Aircraft Structures for the September 1998 Forum of He is now our Virtual Session Chairman.


This Month's Articles

Aeronautical industry can be divided into two general fields: engines and aircraft structure. Materials and processes differ essentially in both areas, so that both products are manufactured in separate companies or divisions. But both areas have to cope with highest safety in operation as well as economic efficiency. It is the aim of modern design philosophy, to combine these contrasts in highest perfection giving safety the highest priority. The transformation of these aims requires extreme lightweight construction with optimised dimensioning and maximum use of the material. Currently the 'damage tolerance concept' meets best the requirements. A 'damage tolerant structure' must withstand all expected stresses in case of damage until the flaw is detected at a regular scheduled inspection or until a non safety critical malfunction makes the flaw noticeable and requires a repair. All defects exceeding this threshold must be detected securely by NDT. This demonstrates the tight coherence of aircraft design, maintenance concepts and NDT.

Experience has shown, that the high safety requirements in aircraft manufacturing and operation can be guaranteed only by integrated solutions. This requires besides a careful analysis of the manufacturing process and the possibly deriving flaws also detailed knowledge about the behaviour of the flaws under the usual and unusual stress when the aircraft is in operation and also knowledge about the resulting in service inspections. Only with NDT methods giving highly reproducible test results this concept can be guaranteed. It is necessary to have detailed inspection procedures with qualified calibration blocks and adequate interpretation rules for the indications as well as highly trained inspection personal familiar with the specific aeronautic materials and designs. Only this ensures the definition of the term 'secure detectable flaw size' within the tension field of economy and safety. (Session Chairman: Gustav Tober, Daimler Benz, Aerospace Airbus)
3 -Applications of Laser Based Ultrasonics for Aerospace Industry.
O. Petillon, J.P. Dupuis - Aerospatiale. H. Voillaume, H. Tretout - Dassault Aviation, France.
5 -Detection of Deep Lying Cracks by Eddy Current SQUID NDE.
M.v. Kreutzbruck, U. Baby, M. Mück, C. Heiden - Uni. of Giessen, Germany.
7 -Automatic Detection of Defects in Riveted Lapjoints using Eddy Current.
F. Lingvall, T. Stepinski - Uppsala Uni., Sweden.
8 -Determination of the POD for High Resolution Eddy Current Inspection on Turbine Disks.
W.D. Feist - Daimler-Benz Aerospace. G.-R. Tillack - BAM. Germany.
13 -Characterization of Defects in Composite Materials Using Rapidly Acquired Leaky Lamb Wave Dispersion Data.
Y. Bar-Cohen - Jet Propulsion Lab. A.K. Mal, Zensheu Chang - UCLA. USA.*
15 -Ultrasonic Inspection of Adaptive CFRP-Structures.
J. Pohl - Uni. of Magdeburg, Germany.
18 -Lockin-Thermography for Non-destructive Evaluation of Aerospace Structures.
D. Wu, A. Salerno, G. Busse - Uni. of Stuttgart, Germany.
22 -Automated Inspection of Helicopter Rotor Blades using Shearography.
M. Honlet - Honlet Optical Systems. A. Ettemeyer - Dr. Ettemeyer. Germany. C. Bouju - EUROCOPTER France.
24 -New Developments of Pulsed Holography for Industrial Applications.
O. Petillon - Aerospatiale, France.
27 -Quantifying the Damage State of a Quasi-Isotropic CFRP with Embedded Optical Fibres During Fatigue Testing Using Acoustic Emission and Microfocus Radiography.
M. Surgeon, M. Wevers - Dept. of Metallurgy and Materials Eng. (Kuleuven), Belgium.
28 -Developments and Applications of NDT Techniques for the Aeronautical Industry through EC Founded Research Projects.
H. Tretout - Dassault Aviation, France.
38 -Non-destructive Evaluation of Adaptive Material Systems.
G. Mook, J. Pohl, P. Veit - Uni. of Magdeburg, Germany.
41 -Detection of Thermal Damage in Steel Components After Grinding Using the Magnetic Barkhausen Noise Method.*
A.S. Wojtas - Stresstech, The Netherlands. L. Suominen, B.A. Shaw - Uni. of Newcastle, UK. J.T. Evans - Stresstech, Finland.
43 -Aircraft Wheel and Fuselage Testing with Eddy Current and SQUID.
H.-J. Krause, R. Hohmann, M. Grüneklee, M. Maus a.o. - Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany.
46 -Review of Advanced Ultrasonic Techniques for Aerospace Structures.
H. Tretout - Dassault Aviation, France.
51 -Automatic Detecting Disbonds in Layered Structures using Ultrasonic Pulse-echo Inspection.
T. Stepinski - Uppsala Uni.. B. Vagnhammar - IAR Systems. Sweden
55 -CS-Pulsed Eddy Current Inspection for Cracks in Multi-Layered Joint A1-Alloy Aircraft.
W. Bischoff, H.-A. Crostack, M. Maass - Uni. of Dortmund. Th. Meier, G. Tober - Daimler-Benz Aerospace Airbus.*
56 -Qualification and Certification of Inspection Personnel in the European Aerospace Industry.
R. Henrich, G. Tober - Daimler-Benz Aerospace Airbus, Germany.

> If we'll receive more Articles of this session, we'll updated those on the frontpage of future issues.
> Miss the NDT of Aircraft issue 09/97?

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Bar-Cohen, a physicist at Caltech's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, has made two different types of artificial muscles.

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