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This Month's Introduction
Most of this month's issue focuses on the full-text papers of the ECNDT '98 Sessions: Chemical and Petrochemical Industries, NDT of Welds, Nuclear Industry .
In conjunction with this month's topics, we are pleased to introduce Ed Ginzel, Rainer Maier and Hermann Wüstenberg as Virtual Session Chairmen of our Discussion Forum.


This Month's Articles
Chemical and
Petrochemical Industry


> Session Introduction (Slide Show)

The chemical and petrochemical industry is one of the main users of NDT. The NDT is applied during manufacture of components and forms an important part within inspection programs during service (onstream) and maintenance of plant equipment. The NDT in this area includes practically all NDT methods and techniques. The examinations are often integrated in sophisticated preventive and predictive programs which assure the reliability and safety of the plants. The sessions will include presentations from a wide range of applications by users from the industry and from research and development organisations. (Session Chairman: Andreas Hecht, BASF, Ludwigshafen, Germany )
101 - On-Line Radiographic Wallthickness-Measurement of Insulated Piping in the Chemical and Petrochemical Industry.
A. Hecht - BASF. R. Bauer - Giessen Uni. F. Lindemeier - AMI. a.o. Germany.
103 - CHIME - A new Ultrasonic Method for Rapid Screening of Pipe, Plate and Inaccessible Geometries.
F. Ravenscroft, R. Hill, C. Duffill, D. Buttle - AEA Technology, UK.*
104 - Controlling Ultrasonic-Inspection Intervals by Monitoring Hydrogen Permeation.
P.B. Mortensen, C. Christensen, C. Peyk - FORCE Inst., Denmark.
105 - Hot Hydrogen Attack: A Novel Approach for Reliable Detection and Monitoring.
N. Trimborn, J. Verkooijen - AEA Sonomatics, The Netherlands.
107 - Non-Destructive Metallography Used On-Site, Possibilites and Experiences.
J. Vagn Hansen - FORCE Inst., Denmark.
112 - The Possibilities of Mobile Hardness Testing - A User-related Hardness Testing Comparison of the Static UCI Method and the Dynamic Rebound Method.
J. Sommer - Krautkrämer, Germany.
117 - NDT and Heat Exchanger Tubes.
H. Hansen Rasmussen, H. Kristensen, L. Jeppesen - FORCE Inst., Denmark.
120 - Practical Experiences in the Application of Advanced Ultrasonic Equipment to Decrease Downtime through Non-Intrusive True Condition Assessment.
J. Verkooijen - AEA Sonomatic, The Netherlands*.
121 - The Importance of Reliable NDE Measurements in Plant Management Systems.
J. Verkooijen - AEA Sonomatic, The Netherlands*.
129 - Videoendoscopy for Visual Testing of Welds in Pharmaceutical Plants.
J. Vagn Hansen, A.H. Jensen - FORCE Inst. A. Helmer Nielsen, Novo Nordisk Eng. Denmark. *
NDT of Welds


181 - NUMEX Software for Useable Film Calculation in Double Wall Girth Weld Radiography.
M.B. Hoppenbrouwers* - Röntgen Technische Dienst, The Netherlands.
183 - Automatic Detection and Characterisation of Aluminium Weld Defects: Comparison between Radiography, Radioscopy and Human Interpretation.
V. Kaftandjian, A. Joly - INSA. T. Odievre, M. Courbière, C. Hantrais - PECHINEY. France.
190 - Experiences and Problems of a Manual Ultrasonic Round-Robin Test.
F. Fücsök - ERÖKAR, Hungary.
191 - The Performance of Time-of-Flight Diffraction (TOFD) in Various International Round-Robin Trials and the Ongoing Research Work Underway Today.
N. Trimborn - AEA Sonomatic, The Netherlands.*
192 - Critical Assessment to the TOFD Approach for Ultrasonic Weld Inspection.
A. Erhard, E. Schulz, G. Brekow, H. Wüstenberg - BAM, Germany. P. Kreier - Innotest, Switzerland.*
Nuclear Industry


205 - Interpretation of Radiographs by Digital Image Processing.
T. Just, W. Thale, R. Clausen - TÜV Nord, Germany.
213 - Ultrasonic Array Technique for the Inspection of Copper Lined Canisters for Nuclear Waste Fuel T. Stepinski, P. Wu, M. Gustafsson, L. Ericsson - Uppsala Uni., Sweden.
219 - Examination of Core Shroud Welds.
J. Larsen, H. Kristensen, L. Jeppesen - FORCE Inst., Denmark. *
221 - Optimising the NDT of Boiling Water Reactors by Using Realistic Flaws in the Cladding.
B. Neundorf - HEW. G. Csapo - TÜV Nord. A. Erhard - BAM. Germany.
222 - Innovative Robotics and Ultrasonic Technology at the Examination of Reactor Pressure Vessels in BWR and PWR Nuclear Power Stations.
F. Dirauf, B. Gohlke, E. Fischer - Siemens Power Generation Group, Germany.
232 - Automated UT Examination of Inclined Nozzle Welds using Robot and 3D Reconstruction.
H.O. Olsen, L. Vesth, L. Jeppesen - FORCE Inst., Denmark.
234 - In-service Inspection by X-Ray Tomosynthesis, A New Method for Sizing IGSCC.
Alexander Blomquist - SAQ Kontroll, Sweden.
238 - Advanced NDT of Primary Circuit Components of WWER NPPs
P. Trampus - IAEA, Austria. D. Corak - INETEC, Croatia.
239 - Ultrasonic Inspection. Application of Phased Array Technologies.
A. Tanarro, A. Garcia - TECHNATOM, Spain. *
240 - Neural Network Classification of Flaws Detected during Ultrasonic Inspection of CANDU Pressure Tubes and Brazed Joints in CANDU Fuel. *
R. Ciocan, D. Ciobanu - Inst. of Nuclear Research, Romania. W.R. Mayo - Chalk River Labs., Canada.
245 - Characterization of Nodular Cast Iron Properties by Harmonic Analysis of Eddy Current Signals.*
K.L. Feiste, P. Fetter Marques, D. Stegemann a.o. - IKPH, Uni. of Hannover, Germany. S.E. Kruger, J.M.A. Rebello - COPPE, Brazil.*
246 - Finite Element Approach to Assess Inspectability of Weld Between Two Coaxial Tubes by RFEC Technique.
V.P. Lunin - Moscow Power Eng. Inst., Russia. H.-M. Thomas - BAM, Germany.
250 - VT Examination of BWR Re-Circulation Pump Internals. (This Article was already published in August 1998)
J. Larsen, L. Vesth, L. Jeppesen - FORCE Inst., Denmark.

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> If we'll receive more Articles of this month's sessions, we'll updated those on the frontpage of future issues.

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Das Fraunhofer Institut entwickelte eine Pruefanlage, bei der Eisenbahnraeder und Radreifen per Ultraschall auf Materialfehler untersucht werden - und das ohne den laufenden Produktionsprozess zu behindern.

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