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This Month's Introduction
Breaking News!
NDTnet Launches New Robot - Content retrieval now faster, better than ever before!
Our Virtual NDT Library Database is now powered by a huge number of remote NDT Pages. Every day, our robot combs cyberspace, building this new NDT Internet Search Engine. See our separate Introduction of this new feature.
Also new is the Power Search for our articles database which let you easily retrieve comprehensive information.

We use the Robot for our Exhibitors' Homepages too. This and other new extras for sponsors make advertising on NDTnet much more valuable than old-fashioned "piece of paper" ads. NDT Products are just a mouse click away! See our News on Advertising here

With this month's issue we complete our special series on the ECNDT '98 with a spectrum of papers from all sessions. However, due to some authors' schedules, we may still publish late arriving e-files in 1999. A few papers may not arrive at all. Some German institutions/authors decided to boycott NDTnet in protest of our report on this summer's German train accident. We'll have more to tell you about that development in our DGZfP Bamberg '98 report next month. Control of the Internet? Ethics in NDT?

Thanks to the Slovenian NDT Society, we are pleased to provide the complete Abstracts of the Proceedings of the 1997 International NDT Conference.


This Month's Articles
NDT Spectrum
of all Sessions

Civil Engineering
Radiation Safety
Surface Methods
11 - Ultrasonic Imaging of Defects in Sandwich Composites.
W. Hillger - DLR Braunschweig, Germany.
17 - Thermal Wave Imaging of Aircraft for Evaluation of Disbonding and Corrosion.
R.L. Thomas, X. Han, L.D. Farro - Wayne State Uni., USA.
75 - Helium Leak Test at 950 °C.
G. Schröder, F. Pauly, D. Grunwald - Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany. J.d.C. Payao Filho - Federal Uni. of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
130 - Objective Interpretation of Ultrasonic Concrete Images.
R. Jansohn - Inst. für Massivbau. M. Schickert - MFPA. Germany.
212 - Digital Image Processing in X-Ray Control of Welds.
H.-D. Dau - Philips Industrial X-Ray, Germany. A. Kouznetsov - JSC Maschinbuilding Plant, Russia.
268 - Industrial Application of Helium Leak Test.
H. Hansen Rasmussen, L. Jeppesen - FORCE Inst., Denmark.
283 - MFL and PEC Tools for Plant Inspection.
J.H.J. Stalenhoef, J.A. de Raad - Röntgen Technische Dienst, The Netherlands.
302 - PREDICT, An alternative Approach to Radiation Protection in Industrial Radiography.
P. van Rooijen - AIB-Vincotte, The Netherlands.
318 - Economic Assessment of Inspection - The Inspection Value (IVM) Method.
M. Wall, F.A. Wedgwood - AEA Technology, UK.
335 - Defect Detection with Rayleigh and Lamb Waves Generated by a Self-Focusing Phased Array.*
W.A.K. Deutsch - Karl Deutsch, Germany. A. Cheng, J.D. Achenbach - Northwestern Uni., USA.
348 - Process Integrated Detection and Characterization of Casting Defects.
K.L. Feiste, D. Stegemann, S. Reimche, C. Reichert - IKPH, Uni. of Hannover, Germany. R.T. Lopes - COPPE, Brazil
349 - Determining Residual Austenite with the Eddy Current Method.
C. Dybiec - Inst. of Precision Mechanics. A. Kozlowska - Daewoo-FSO. Poland.
360 - Perception and Entropy Inspired Ultrasonic Grain Noise Suppression, Using Noncoherent Detector Statistics.
L. Ericsson - TSonic. M. Gustafsson - Uppsala Uni.. Sweden.
363 - Neural Network Based Classifier for Ultrasonic Resonance Spectra.
T. Stepinski, L. Ericsson, M. Gustafsson - Uppsala Uni.. B. Vagnhammar - IAR Systems. Sweden.
384 - Simulations about Eddy Current Distributions and Crack Detection Algorithms for a SQUID Based NDE System.
M. v. Kreutzbruck, M. Mück, C. Heiden - Uni. of Giessen, Germany.
391 - SQUID Eddy Current Technique Applying Conformable Eddy Current Probes
L. Bär, G.M. Daalmans a.o. - Siemens, ZT MF1. E. Becker, H.-P. Lohmann a.o. - Siemens, KWU WM TW. M. Mück - Just Liebig Uni. Germany.
404 - Measurement of Own Stress Using the Eddy Current Method.
C. Dybiec, S. Wlodarczyk, M. Dybiec - Inst. of Precision Mechanics, Poland.
433 - Digital High-speed Microfokus-Radioscopy as a Monitoring Method for Fast Processes.
C. Reichert. D. Stegemann a.o. - IKPH, Uni. of Hannover. H. Haferkamp, J. Gerken a.o. - Lazer Zentrum Hannover, Germany.*
457 - Some Aspects on the Reliability of Magnetic Particle Testing.
M. Stadthaus, H. Lingott - BAM, Germany.
468 - Ultrasonic Testing of Concrete with Fast Imaging Pulse-Echo-Technique.
F. Wollbold, J. Neisecke - Uni. of Dortmund, Germany.
471 - High Reliability Manual Ultrasonic Inspection.
G. Passi, M. Kritsky - Sonotron. Y. Shoef - Gabi Shoef Ltd. Israel.
497 - Necessary Evil or Benefit?
F.H. Dijkstra - Röntgen Technische Dienst, The Netherlands.
Nondestructively Inspect Material Integrity With An Airborne Ultrasonic Beam
The CURLIN-AIR was initially developed to ultrasonically inspect an evergrowing class of materials/products that are too attenuative to inspect with conventional (Megahertz frequency) ultrasonic flaw detectors. However, because of its noncontact airborne beam feature, CURLIN-AIR, also, offers applications advantages for certain materials/products (Samples) that are routinely inspected with conventional equipment. The object of this Tech Note is to briefly explain, in simple and general terms, how & why it works.
Technical Note by NDT Systems, Huntington Beach, CA, USA

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Ultrasonic Instrument Linearity Tester
WINDSOR, CT -- ABB AMDATA, best known for its ultrasonic imaging systems and scanners, introduces its latest product innovation: the CALin linearity tester for ultrasonic instruments.

News from the CORDIS Database
RAPIDUS brought us the following updates related to our defined search profile.

Acquisition Opportunity: NDT / NDE Company $7 Million
The Company provides NDT/NDE services and is well recognized as a developer and provider of specialized NDT/NDE instruments on a worldwide basis. The shareholders are prepared to accept $7.0 million cash for the shares of the Company. A full Divestiture Document is currently being completed and will be available to qualified parties.

Evaluation of Currently Applied Ultrasonic Sizing Techniques for Ctress Corrosion Cracks in Steam Generator tubes This article the 17th EPRI Steam Generator NDE Workshop, August 17-19, 1998, and other news have been recently updated on the Nuson Homepage.

Nondestructive Evaluation, Vibration and Wave Propagation
Progress is published within the Research Overview 1998 of the Institute of Mechanics, ETH Zürich.

A New Panametrics Newsletter is online
See the 26XTDL Ultrasonic Thickness Gage and much more.

Newsletter - Inspection Solutions No. 62 June 1998
This Newsletter covers inspection news from AEA Technology. For previous issues see the Inspection Solutions Main Page

The NTIAC Newsletter Volume 23, Number 4
Read about NDT to detect "kissing bombs"in adhesive joints, NDE industry news, new NTIAC publications and much more.

New Sites added to the Virtual Library
Through this database you may find further News elsewhere.

In Bill's PAPERS/PUBLICATIONS we remember also his Papers on NDTnet with his Workshop Messages. Bill participated on the Panel of Experts at the first Workshop on Ultrasonic Transducers on NDTnet.

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