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Issue Vol. 4 No. 1 - Jan 1999
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ISSN: 1435-4934 The e-Journal of Nondestructive Testing & Ultrasonics - Publisher
The Journal's focus is on Nondestructive Testing (NDT) and
Ultrasonic Testing (UT) in particular


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This Month's Introduction
Welcome to NDTnet 1999!
As you may have noticed, we've started the new year off right with improved NDTnet navigation. The main page "" will stay almost static; from there you can access all departments as well as the each month new current issue page; that's where you are right now. We are also looking forward to seeing increased sponsor activity in this new Logo section on the top of this page - Read more about traffic and prices here.

Most of this month's issue focuses on NDT in aerospace, with papers submitted by PACNDT conference authors and selected independent authors. We also have reports on the PACNDT and DGZfP conferences. The latter one also features commentary on NDT Politics and the Internet.


This Month's Articles
Aerospace Topics
of the PANDT'98

9 - The Use of Neutron Radiography in the Inspection of Aircraft Composite Flight Control Surfaces
W.J. Lewis - Royal Military College of Canada
12 - Review of Iar NDI Research in Support of Aging Aircraft
A.Fahr, D.S. Forsyth, D.W. Schindel,
17 - Pulsed Eddy Current Method Development for Hidden Corrosion in Aircraft Structures
B.A.Lepine - Air Vehicles Research Detachment,
18 - Automation of the Interpretation of Enhanced Visual NDT
D.S. Forsyth, J.P. Komorowski, R.W. Gould,
42 - A Computerized Non-Contacting NDT System Using an Impacting Acoustic Wave Applied to Detecting Corrosion and Subsurface Defects in Composite and Metal Structures
J.Webster, Dr. T. Thevar, M.Kalshteyn - Holographics Inc.
44 - An Enhanced Flourescent Liquid Penetrant Inspection Technique for Measurement of Surface Cracks
M.Yanishevsky - Department of National Defense
Aerospace Topics
Submitted to
EMATs for on orbit wall remaining thickness measurement after an impact - Feasibility study
G. Ithurralde, D. Simonet, Aérospatiale Corporate Research Center Louis Blériot, France; J-P. Bonnafé, Aérospatiale, Space and Defense Division, France
Developments in Real-Time 2D Ultrasound Inspection
Dr. Marvin Lasser Mr. Bob Lasser Mr. John Kula Mr. Gene Rohrer Imperium, Inc., Dr. George Harrison University of Maryland Medical School, USA
NDE of hidden flaws in aging Aircraft Structures using Obliquely Backscattered Ultrasonic Signals (OBUS)
Yoseph Bar-Cohen Jet Propulsion Lab, Caltech, Pasadena, CA; Ajit K. Mal Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department University of California, Los Angeles, CA; Marvin Lasser Imperium, Inc., Rockville, MD
Mother-Crawler and Modular NDE-Boards for Robotics Scanning and Testing
Yoseph Bar-Cohen JPL, Pasadena, CA
Improvement of the Reliability of Fatigue Crack Detection on Holes of Typical Aircraft Structures by using Multi-Frequency EC-Technique
Dieter Schiller, Theodor Meier, Airbus Industrie, Germany, Bremen; Daniel Bical Airbus Industrie, France, Toulouse
Optische Prüfung an Luftfahrtkomponenten: Weiterentwicklung des Scherografie-Prüfverfahrens für Nicht-Kooperative Oberflächen von Flugzeugstrukturen
W.J.Bisle, Daimler Benz Aerospace Airbus GmbH, Germany Bremen
Wirbelstromprüfung an Flugzeugstrukturen MIT "SQUID'S"
W.-B. Klemmt Daimler-Benz Aerospace Airbus, Bremen; H.-J. Krause Forschungszentrum Jülich;
M.v.Kreutzbruck Universität Gießen, Inst. für Angewandte Physik
1st Pan American Conference
on Nondestructive Testing
Toronto 14-18 SEP 1998

A report by Rolf Diederichs

Table of Contents - PACNDT 98

  • Introduction
  • Proceedings & Full-Texts
  • Review of some lectures
  • Exhibition Pictures
  • Annual DGZfP Conference
    on Nondestructive Testing
    Bamberg, 7-9 SEP 1998

    A report by Rolf Diederichs

    Table of Contents - DGZfP 98

  • Introduction
  • Proccedings & Abstracts
  • NDT Politics and the Internet
    Incl. Mr. Schnitger about the Internet.
  • Review of some lectures
    Incl. Panel Discussion (Streitgespräch).
  • DGZfP Notes (in German)
  • DGZfP Awards briefly in English
  • You may discuss these Articles Forum

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    News Archive '98 - '97 - '96
    Presentations of the Twelfth CNDE Annual Spring Meeting of the Center for Nondestructive Evaluation at The Johns Hopkins University
      > NDE for the Next Millennium
      > New Directions in Industrial Radiation Imaging
      > Near Surface Materials Characterization and ....
      > Measurement and Detection of Laser-Induced Materials Deformations
      > Image Processing ... Interferometry/Laser-based Ultrasonics ...
      > Thermographic NDE Using Subsurface Heating Methods
      > Near-Field Characterization of Materials and Devices
      > Advanced Ceramic and Polymer Composites Derived from Wood

    Edge of Light - Ground-Breaking NDT Technology launched by Canada's NRC
    This NDT Aerospace Technique have been published in the NASA Materials & Processes Update (NMPU) Newsletter.

    A workshop held at JPL covering corrosion detection technology
    Three sensor technologies were selected for inclusion: Edge of Light (see this news ), ultrasonics and eddy current.

    NDE Institute of Canada Appoints Managing Director

    Radiography Symposium will be published on the Internet
    A conference volume will not be printed. This is organized by DGZfP and BAM.

    Ultrasonic Measurement Techniques for Heat Exchanger Tubing
    This article have been recently updated on the Nuson Homepage.

    Two new German articles are published at the DGZfP Homepage:
    Thermografie mit Wärme- oder "Kälte"pulsen - Wärme ins Schwanken gebracht
    Akkreditierung, Notifizierung, Validierung, Kalibrierung ....Begriffe der Qualitätssicherungen (Teil 2)
    Weitere Neuheiten auf der DGZfP Homepage
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