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The e-Journal of Nondestructive Testing & Ultrasonics - ISSN: 1435-4934
Issue Vol. 5 No. 9 - September 2000 - Miss the last issue? Aug 00

This Month's Introduction
This Month's Issue focuses on Ultrasonic Testing. One featured article presents a comprehensive "Back to Basics" of Ultrasonic Testing. Another reports on "Bond Testing and Mapping System for Concorde's Flying Surfaces". Significant in light of the recent Concorde accident, it details efforts by British Airways to make nondestructive testing more reliable.


This Month's Articles
Nondestructive Material Testing with Ultrasonics - Introduction to the Basic Principles
Michael Berke, Krautkramer
This 41 Pages Back to Basics Literature highlights:
1. Why use ultrasonics for nondestructive material testing?
2. Ultrasonic testing tasks
3. Detection of discontinuities
4. Method of testing and instrument technology
5. Locating discontinuities
6. Evaluation of discontinuities
7. Documentation
8. Diagnosis of indications (outlook)
On a Possibility of Rayleigh Transformed Sub-Surface Waves Propagation
E. G. Nesvijski
Bond Testing and Mapping System for Concorde's Flying Surfaces
K.McLaughlin, Palmer, V.Moshkovich, A.Passi, G.Passi
Piezoelectric Materials, Ultrasound Transducers and Arrays Characterisation by Laser Interferometry
Nicolas Felix
Ultraschall-Array-Technik für industrielle Anwendungen
Bill Waldron, Gerd Kauth

Introduction to Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
Center for Nondestructive Evaluation, Iowa State University, Ames, IA
Ultrasound Arrays (1D and 2D) including Design, Modeling and Characterization.
Nicolas FELIX Home Page
Thermoelectric Detection of Spherical Tin Inclusions in Copper by Magnetic Sensing
Hector Carreon, Prof. Peter B. Nagy, and Prof. Adnan H. Nayfeh
An information of F.I.T. Messtechnik GmbH, August 2000.

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CORDIS brought us News and Updates
- Fast film replacement system for high resolution x-ray
   weld inspect ion with ultrasonic data fusion
- Development of an on-line ultrasonic rheological sensor
   for non-invasive and non-destructive evaluation of dough

Introducing the Ls-25 Series of Industrial Ultrasonic Immersion Scanners
The LS-25 family features compact footprint-one meter square (10 sq ft) with ScanMaster market leading technology at an affordable price.

Computer-based training for NDT
Karta Technologies, Inc. has developed SANDE-TS (State of the Art Nondestructive Evaluation Training System) computer-based training for NDT for the US Dept. of Defense and it is now available for commercial businesses.

Innovative Acoustic Source Location and Identification Methods for Railroad Tank Car Testing
The Department of Transportation (DOT) Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) has awarded to Physical Acoustics Corporation (PAC) an SBIR Phase II contract entitled "Innovative Acoustic Source Location and Identification Methods for Railroad Tank Car Testing."

CSSINFO has changed its name to Techstreet
We are proud to announce that on August 11, CSSINFO officially changed its name to Techstreet. Please visit us online at and read more about the name change.

M-News - the Plant Maintenance newsletter - Edition 10
Welcome to the tenth edition of M-News, a free newsletter on topics of interest to Maintenance professionals, brought to you by the Plant Maintenance Resource Center

Einweihung des neuen DGZfP Gebäudes
Am 4. Oktober 2000 wird das neue Kommunikations-, Informations- und Ausbildungszentrum der DGZfP im Wissenschafts- und Wirtschaftsstandort Berlin-Adlershof (WISTA) offiziell eingeweiht.

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