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The e-Journal of Nondestructive Testing & Ultrasonics - ISSN: 1435-4934
Issue Vol. 6 No. 1 - January 2001 - Miss the last issue? Dec 00

This Month's Introduction
EPRI 2000
15th WCNDT 2000
EPRI 2000
We wish you a happy and prosperous New Year. This month's issue features a review of the MTQ 2000 exhibition as well as late incoming papers from the WCNDT 2000 and the EPRI conference. will continue to offer the best service for the NDT community. One of our most important content elements are professional articles, therefore we invite you to submit your papers on all NDT topics for future issues. NDT conference hosts are welcome to publish their proceedings on CD-ROM and add them to the Database as we recently did with the WCNDT 2000. For further information please contact Rolf Diederichs at


This Month's Articles
EPRI 2000
Effect of Cladding on Inspection Results
M. Bièth, L. Fabbri, J.L. Monjaret
EPRI 2000
Round Robin Test Results on Ultrasonic Testing of Austenitic Welds
M. Bièth, J. L. Monjaret, F. Hardie, P. Krarup, E. B. Pers-Anderson
RT, Neutron
WCNDT 2000
Modelisation of the Thermomechanical Behaviour of a 12Cr-0.1C PTA Coating
K. Necib ; M.A. Belouchrani ; A. Britah
WCNDT 2000
On the New Method to Compute the Fatigue Threshold - Influence of the Microstructure and Residual Stresses
K. Necib ; M.A. Belouchrani ; A. Britah
WCNDT 2000

Our Sponsors presented 32 Papers in Rome
MTQ Introduction
MTQ Product News
MTQ Exhibitors
MTQ 1998
MTQ Homepage
Materials testing, measuring methods, and quality management were the central themes of the 8th trade fair on quality protection, the MTQ 2000, which was held at the Westfalenhallen Trade & Exhibition Centre in Dortmund from 21st to 24th November 2000.

Ultrasonic Microstructural Analyzer (UMA): Hardness Depth Measurement
Paper by Sonix Inc.
University of Stuttgart - Institute of Polymer Testing and Polymer Science (IKP)
List of Literature with partially full-text (PDF) of Years 1988 to 2000.

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News Archive '01 - '00 - '99 - '98 - '97 - '96
New Leak Detection Portal Launched announced the opening of its' Internet portal that is focused on industrial leak detection technology products, services, events and news.

Cordis Partner Database
Collaboration in the field of Innovative electromagnetic NDT technique, sensors and instrumentation

Krautkramer News: DMS2 Thickness Gauge with TopCOAT
The DMS 2 is a new generation Digital Thickness Gauge / Data Recorder. Its innovative rugged design makes it the most durable and dependable instrument of its kind.

Vallen-Systeme News: Converter for DTA-files available!!
Customer says he saved more than 30 hours of analysis by using Vallen software to find an active source! Click the upper link to read more about the new DTA-file converter.

Welcome to the ISO Resource Center
Techstreet's ISO Resource Center offers a concise explanation of the ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 standards, from their development to the recent release of the Year 2000 revisions of ISO 9000. Plus links to all the specs and related products.

NTIAC Newsletters
NTIAC routinely publishes its newsletters on its web site as part of its service to the NDT community. This page shows the highlights of our most current edition, available in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). Archives of our newsletters from previous years are also available in their entirety online.

The British Institute of NDT Certification Services Division
A number of key PCN documents have recently been revised and re-issued in order to comply with the latest revision of EN 473 and ISO 9712, and are now published for distribution. These documents can be obtained HERE.

DGZfP: ZfP-Zeitung Nr. 72 (Dezember)
Christiane Maierhofer:
Radaranwendungen im Bauwesen
Neuerscheinungen und Neuauflagen bei der DGZfP

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    Advances in Signal Processing for Nondestructive Evaluation of Materials -

    QIRT 1998 (Lodz, Poland)
    Quantitative infrared thermography in thermo-fluid-dynamics
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  • 2001 September 4 - 7, University Bordeaux 1, FRANCE
    8th European Congress for Stereology and Image Analysis
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