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The e-Journal of Nondestructive Testing - ISSN: 1435-4934
Issue Vol. 6 No. 3 - March 2001 - Miss the last issue? Feb 00

This Month's Introduction
Wood 2000
NDT Salary Survey
This month's issue focuses on NDT of wood in conjunction with All Abstracts and selected papers of the Intl. Symposium Wood NDT 2000.
In the spirit of our goal of providing the easiest possible access to colleagues' contact details and NDT information, we have developed New Forum Features.
We are pleased to introduce more participants of the Editor Advisory Board.


This Month's Articles
wood 2000
Detection of glue deficiency in laminated wood with thermography
H. Berglind, A. Dillenz
wood 2000
The Process of NDE Research for Wood and Wood Composites
J. Bodig
wood 2000
Acoustic emission study of within-ring internal checking in radiata pine-Wood NDT 2000
R. Booker, T. Haslett
wood 2000
Identification of free and bound water content in wood by means of NMR relaxometry
R. Guzenda, W. Olek, H. M. Baranowska
wood 2000
Ultrasonic Measurement of Applied Stresses in Wood by Acoustoelastic Birefringent Method
Y. Sasaki, M. Hasegawa
wood 2000
Thermographic Inspection of Wood
Toshinari Tanaka, Ferenc Divos
wood 2000
A new tomographic device for the nondestructive testing of trees
Steffen Rust
Defect Detection in Timber by Stress Wave Time and Amplitude
Ferenc Divos, Istvan Daniel, Laszlo Bejo
RT Lumber strength grading using x-ray scanning
G. S. Schajer
"In situ" Nondestructive Testing of Built in Wooden Members
Balazs Zombori

Dome project summary Wooden Dome at The University of Western Hungary
Dome project summary
Nondestructive Evaluation Techniques for Timber Bridges (PDF 148 KB)
Emerson, Robert N.; Pollock, David G.; Kainz, James A.; Fridley, Kenneth J.; McLean, David I.; Ross, Robert J. 1998. In: Natterer, J.; Sandoz, J.-L. Proceedings, 5th World conference on timber engineering; 1998 August 17-20; Montreux, Switzerland. Lausanne Switzerland: Swiss Federal Institute of Technology: 670-677 Vol. 1.
Inspection of Timber Bridges Using Stress Wave Timing Nondestructive Evaluation Tools--A Guide for Use and Interpretation (PDF 414 KB)
Ross, Robert J.; Pellerin, Roy F.; Volny, Norbert; Salsig, William W.; Falk, Robert H. 1999. USDA Forest Serv. Gen. Tech.
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Dr. rer. nat. Uwe Ewert wurde zum neuen Leiter der Fachgruppe VIII.3 der BAM, Zerstörungsfreie Prüfung und Charakterisierung; radiologische Verfahren, ernannt. Dr. Anton Erhard ist designierter Nachfolger von Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hermann Wüstenberg

ZfP-Zeitung Feb 2001 launched the DGZfP Homepage
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