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NDT by A-Z
The e-Journal of Nondestructive Testing - ISSN: 1435-4934
Issue Vol. 7 No. 5 - May 2002 - Miss the last issue?

This Month's Introduction

Courtesy Imasonic

NDT by A-Z: Array

Where Ultrasonic Testing needs several transducers the use of an Ultrasonic Phased Array is a good choice. The inspected sample can thus be quickly scanned by electronically steering the beam axis or focusing the beam. Beam multiplexing can be used to reduce the number of scan lines when inspecting a wide surface. The beam is quickly multiplexed along a long probe, allowing scans of a wide area at a time, reducing the number of mechanical passes. Of course the ultrasonic instrument must provide all necessary capabilities for driving and evaluating the phased array.
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Exhibitors: Phased Array Transducers (11)
Exhibitors: Phased Array Systems (8)
Articles Archive: Phased Array (62)
VLibrary Catalog: UT + Array (8)
VLibrary Crawler: Transducer + Array (1104)
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This Month's Articles
Ultrasound Phased Array
R/D Tech's Technology Information
Phased Array Imaging First Use Qualification Effort: BWR Feedwater Nozzle Inner Radius Inspection From Vessel OD for a US Nuclear Power Plant
John P. Lareau, Randy M. Plis
Phased Array technology: concepts, probes and applications
Jérôme Poguet, Jérôme Marguet, Fabrice Pichonnat, Laurent Chupin
Enhanced Resolution Transducers for Thick Pieces Ultrasonic Inspection: The FERMAT Transducer concept
Jérôme Poguet, Olivier Le Baron, Laurent Gallet
Piezocomposite technology: An innovative approach to the improvement of N.D.T. performance using ultrasounds
Jérôme Poguet, Gérard Fleury, Jean Luc Guey, Philippe Conche

Krautkramers's Product Literature on Phased Array Systems
Imasonic's Phased Array Concept
Publications of the NDE Lab at MIT on Phased Array Systems
- Influence of phased array element size on beam steering behavior
- Optimization of ultrasonic phased arrays
- Ultrasonic phased array transducers for nondestructive evaluation of steel structures

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News Archive
STARMANS ELECTRONICS participates in 8th ECNDT exhibition in Barcelona
The company is specialized in production of nondestructive ultrasonic equipments.

Free Maintenance & Reliability Training Courses Offered Online has announced R/CM Online Reliability & Condition Monitoring Training.

Advanced array technologies for optimised maintenance and inspection in critical applications

The May 2002 NTIAC Newsletter is Now Online!
Investigation Into Crash of Flight 587, Measurement of Residual Magnetic Fields and more

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