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This Month's Introduction
Eddycurrent Detection of Head Checks on the Gauge Corners of Rails: Recent Results
Article on Rail Inspection

In sad coincidence with recent tragically railway accidents, two articles of this month's issue dealing with rail inspection. It is good to see at least activities trying to prevent future disasters. By using our descriptor search it is quickly possible to find all so far published 36 Railway Articles.

This Month's Articles
UT Effects of anisotropy and orientation of carbon epoxy in the behaviour of acoustics waves
M. B. Amor, M. H. B. Ghozlen, P. Lanceleur
UT Piezotransducers Creating Narrow Weakly Diverging Ultrasonic Beam
A. Karpelson
NDT European-sponsored NDT Research at TWI Ltd
A Khalid
ECT Eddycurrent Detection of Head Checks on the Gauge Corners of Rails: Recent Results
R. Krull, H. Hintze, M. Luke, M. Thomas, R. Pohl, S. Rühe
UT Book Extract: Engineering Applications of Ultrasonic Time-of-Flight Diffraction
J. P. Charlesworth, J. A. G. Temple

Non-Destructive Evaluation of Airport Pavements
Faster Inspection of Laser Glass Coatings

News - Market - Technology
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News Archive
Phased Array Ultrasonic transducers for Inspection of Turbing
This information has been delivered from the Cordis Projects Database.

Syncretek LLC and Link Engineering Inc. announce long-term Pulse ESPI demonstration in Detroit, Michigan
This extended demonstration will provide a unique opportunity to evaluate Pulse ESPI technology for various applications using some of the world's most advanced dynamometers.

European Post-doc and visiting scientist positions
Announced by the Inspection Management Sector of the Institute of Energy is the operating agent of ENIQ – the European Network for Inspection and Qualification.

Panametric's Product and Company News
NEW EPOCH 4B Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector.
NEW High-Precision Thickness Gaging Module (TGM).
NEW NDT FreeScanner - Portable 5-Axis Manual Ultrasonic Scanning System.

R/D Tech's Solution for Train wheels and rails
The use of the phased array technology enables the complete wheel inspection in a single rotation.

Standard Steel - Ultrasonic Phased Array System
Recent tightening of the Association of American Railroads (AAR) wheel rim ultrasonic test specifications validates the decision to acquire a flexible computer-based system with increased sensitivity and improved volumetric coverage.

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Engineering Applications of Ultrasonic Time-of-Flight Diffraction
Fundamentals and Applications of Ultrasonic Waves
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• 2003 MAR 2-6, San Diego, CA, USA: Testing, Reliability, and Application of Micro- and Nanomaterial Systems (nd01)
• 2003 MAR 2-6, San Diego, CA, USA: NDE and Health Monitoring of Aerospace Materials and Composites (nd02)
• 2003 MAR 2-6, San Diego, CA, USA: Smart NDE and Health Monitoring of Structural and Biological Systems (nd03)
• 2003 MAR 2-6, San Diego, CA, USA: Nondestructive Detection and Measurement for Homeland Security (nd04)
• 2003 MAR 2-6, San Diego, CA, USA: Subsurface and Surface Sensing and Imaging IV (nd05)
These SPIE's Conferences are part of the SPIE's Smart Structures and Materials/NDE Symposium.

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