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This Month's Introduction

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This month we provide selected papers of the 3nd International Conference on NDE in Relation to Structural Integrity for Nuclear and Pressurized Components which was held November 14-16, 2001, in Seville Spain (All Abstracts).
The CD-ROM is also available and offers about 150 papers, packed in 9 big Session files totalling 157 MB. These can be browsed with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Unfortunately features like Navigation, Search or Author Index were not provided for this CD ROM so the data will not be as conveniently retrieved as on previous similarly presented proceedings we have developed on CD-ROM. Without the navigation tools, conventional published printed proceedings could be much more convenient to browse than this CD-ROM.

This Month's Articles
MT Clad Thickness Measurement System
Gary L. Burkhardt and Jay L. Fisher
UT Ultrasonic Testing for IDSCC in Small Radius U-bends of Steam Generator Tubes
Chris Broere, Rene Krutzen, Frans de Boer
ET X-Probe ECT array: A high-Speed Replacement for Rotating Probes
Guy Lafontaine, Florian Hardy, Joe Renaud
NDT European Standardization Methodology for Qualification of Non-Destructive Tests
M. Bičth
NDT A Comparison of European Guidelines for Inspection Qualification
Chris Waites, Michel Bičth
MT Project GRETE: Evaluation of Non-Destructive Testing Techniques for Monitoring of Material Degradation
B. Acosta, M. Delnondedieu, J. Bros, M. Brumovsky, G. Dobmann, F. Gillemot, P. Hahn, P. Kauppinen, G. Maussner, M. Niffenegger, R. Oettel, F.J. Perosanz, A.Rogerson, D. Stegemann, B. van der Schaaf
MT Micromagnetic Testing of Model Alloys Specimens. Evaluating Irradiation Effects
S. Pirfo, L. Debarberis, B. Acosta, F. Sevini
RT Role of Thermal and Sub-Thermal Neutrons in NDE Activities
J. Guidez, A. Youtsos, C. Ohms
RT NDT Based on Neutron Techniques in Support of Structural Integrity Assessment
A. Youtsos, C. Ohms

Radiography in Modern Industry

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News Archive
Australian NDT Certification Receives International Recognition
On the 7th of May 2002, the Australian Institute for Non-Destructive Testing (AINDT) was awarded JAS-ANZ accreditation as a certifying body to EN 45013. JAS-ANZ is the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand.

Ultrasonic thickness indicators of the TAU class
This information has been delivered from the Cordis Documents Database.

Use of multi-frequency eddy current testing combined with ultrasonic velocity measurement to predict the mechanical properties and structure of ADI castings
This information has been delivered from the Cordis Documents Database.

GE acquires global field measurement technology company, Panametrics
GE Power Systems announced today it has acquired Panametrics Inc., a global leader in high-technology ultrasonic testing equipment and process control instrumentation. The company will become part of GE’s Energy Management Services business and will be known as GE Panametrics.

"NUKEM Nutronik" will become "NUTRONIK"
Initially, "Ultrasonic Testing" was a department. Now, NUTRONIK GmbH is a company which especially deals with Non Descructive Testing by Ultrasound.

Positron Systems Detects High-Temperature Creep in Boiler Piping
Positron Systems announced today that its nondestructive Photon Induced Positron Annihilation (PIPA) testing technology can effectively detect and quantify high-temperature creep damage at the atomic level. PIPA detects creep in the atomic structure of a material before damage appears.

OIS ENGINEERING LTD has changed its trading name to X-TEK INDUSTRIAL LTD
The name change reflects to bringing together of technologies from both X-Tek Systems and OIS Engineering to provide innovative and cost effective equipment for the Industrial NDT Marketplace.

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OCT 28 – 1
Transducing Materials and Devices
The program for this conference is now available on line.
APR 14-18
Virginia Beach
57th Annual Meeting of the Society For Machinery Failure Prevention Technology (MFPT)
For further information, contact the MFPT's Executive Director, Henry C. Pusey, c/o the MFPT Society, 1877 Rosser Lane, Winchester VA 22601-6354; phone (540) 678-8678 fax (540) 678-8799 or email hcpusey@ix.netcom.com.
APR 21-25
Orlando, FL
Thermosense XXV
Part of SPIE’s 17 th Annual International Symposium on AeroSense
JUL 14-18
San Diego, California
The 14th International Conference on Composite Materials (ICCM-14)
Organized by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)

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