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This Month's Introduction
Article: Signal conditioning algorithms in acoustic emission analysis using wavelets
Signal conditioning is one of the most important issue in AE Testing.

This month's issue focuses on Acoustic Emission. With its 16 presented papers along with our Discussion Forum and Exhibition this comprehensive issue serves like an online conference. Also we are pleased to present the new AE Chapter in our NDT Encyclopedia together with an AE Quiz - Basic Level .

Dr. C. Grosse
Thanks to Dr. C. Grosse who works on the NDT.net Editor Advisory Board and coordinated this issue.
Also we wish to thank authors for all their co-operation.
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This Month's Articles
NDT.net - Editorial: Special Issue on Acoustic Emission
Christian U. Grosse, Institute of Construction Materials, University of Stuttgart, Germany
AE testing – fundamentals – equipment – applications
H. Vallen
Acoustic Emission - Developments in PETROBRAS R&D Center in the last twenty years
S. Damasceno Soares, G. V. Peixoto Donato
History of the GLEA Group
19. M. I. Lopez Pumarega, R. Piotrkowski, J. E. Ruzzante
Acoustic emission standards and guidelines 2002: a comparative assessment and perspectives.
A. Brunner, J. Bohse
AEModeling & Analysis
Application of AE to Fracture Toughness and Crack Analysis by BEM in Concrete
Farid Uddin A. K. M. and Masayasu Ohtsu
Three-Dimensional Visualization of AE to Fracture Toughness and Crack Analysis by BEM in Concrete
Masayasu Ohtsu and Mitsuhiro Shigeishi
Pattern recognition of acoustic emission signals from PZT ceramics
Aparna Dode and Mallikarjun Rao, S.P.
Numerical Modelling of Acoustic Emission Sources and Wave Propagation in Concrete
Frank Schubert and Barbara Schechinger
Signal conditioning algorithms in acoustic emission analysis using wavelets
M. Motz, C. Grosse, H. W. Reinhardt, B. Kröplin
Integrated Interpretation and visualization of a Pull-out test Using Finite Element Modelling and quantitative Acoustic Emission Analysis
F. Finck, M. Motz, C. Grosse, H. W. Reinhardt, B. Kröplin
Acoustic emission analysis as a tool in percolation theory of compressed granular systems
C. Grosse, R. C. Hidalgo, F. Kun, H.W. Reinhardt, H. Hermann
Real-Time evaluation of wind turbine blades with acoustic emission monitoring during certification tests
A. A. Anastassopoulos, D. A. Kouroussis, A. G. Dutton, M. J. Blanch, P. Vionis, D. J. Lekou, D R V van Delft, P. A. Joosse, A. Proust, T. P. Philippidis, T. Kossivas, G. Fernando (Envirocoustics SA)
Hydrogen Cylinder Acoustic Emission Testing and Data Evaluation with Supervised Pattern Recognition
A. N. Tsimogiannis, A. A. Anastassopoulos (Envirocoustics SA)
Development History of the TankpacTM AE Tank Floor Corrosion Test
P. T. Cole, S. N. Gautrey (PAC)
Acoustic Emission In Zircaloy-4 Tubes
A. J. Regueiro, M. I. López Pumarega, M. E. Oliveto, M. Armeite, S. Balart, J. E. Ruzzante
Adherence of nitride coatings analysed by acoustic emission signals coming from scratch tests
R. Piotrkowski, A. Gallego, J. Ruzzante and M.T. García-Hernández

Valuable Acoustic Emission Web Sites

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News Archive
Review of the 8th ECNDT Barcelona 2002
In keeping with the spirit of our mission on freedom of information on the Internet, we would are hereby requesting all authors of the 8th ECNDT for their permission to publish their papers

German train crash: Three on trial because they did not apply ultrasonic testing
Carelessness in introducing a new type of wheel to the high-speed train. When ICE began operations it was committed to use ultrasonic testing every 250.000 km operation, in fact no appropriate testing method was developed for in-service inspection.

Checking weld spots during the welding process
VOGT Werkstoffpruefsysteme GmbH, Burgwedel/Germany, has launched on to the market a further development relating to the non-destructive testing of resistance weld spots.

New Inspection Service Capability
Metals Testing Company receives Rolls-Royce approval for providing Ultrasonic Inspections

U.S. NDT Market Growth Continues
Maxtech International's New Survey of Users Indicates Optimism.

PUNDITplus ultrasonic pulse velocity test instrument
CNS Farnell upgrade world-beating PUNDITplus instrument

Sira's miniature radiation hardened CMOS camera passes the test
A miniature radiation-hardened nuclear industry inspection camera designed & built by Sira Electro-Optics Ltd, has passed a test of surviving 6 Mrad(Si) of cobalt60 gamma ray irradiation with no detectable loss of performance.

Risk-Based Inspection & Maintenance Planning Software
As part of its services to the oil & gas, petrochemical, chemical and power industry, TWI is currently offering operators and suppliers its RISKWISE" risk-based maintenance software.

UT Simulation Program
The program offers a simple simulation of the Ultrasonic testing process. Its not fancy but may be of use to somebody. It can be downloaded for free.

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E1211-02 Standard Practice for Leak Detection and Location Using
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