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This Month's Introduction


This month's issue presents the DGZfP CD-ROM of the annual Conference on NDT which took place from 6-8 May 2002 in Weimar. For faster access to the 96 papers (20 MB) you may order a copy via the DGZfP. Copies of this CD-ROM are in production and will be available soon.
Papers of this CD-ROM have been written in German, however, with help of the multi-lingual descriptor search English speaking readers may be able to find their topics of interest as well. Furthermore, some authors have already promised to contribute translations for a future issue. All DGZfP authors are welcome to send their translations to Rolf Diederichs at rd@ndt.net.
Also in this issue we are pleased to publish articles of individual authors.

This Month's Articles
English Papers:
Ultrasonic investigation of SiC-particle reinforced aluminium matrix composites
C.H. Gür, Middle East Technical University, Metallurgical and Materials Eng., Ankara (TR)
Defect Characterization of Composite Honeycomb Panels by Non-Destructive Inspection Methods
A.B. Doyum, M. Dürer, Dep. of Mechanical Engineering, Middle East Technical University, Ankara (TR)
ECT Reliability Assessment of Automated Eddy Current System for Turbine Blades
Yung-How Wu, Chu-Chung Hsiao
UT Nondestructive Evaluation of Concrete Slabs
N. Mohamed Sutan, M. S. Jaafar, S. Hamdan
UT The Influence of Porosity to the Accuracy of Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Method
N. Mohamed Sutan, S. Hamdan, E.C.C. Jin

45th Annual (2002) Non-Destructive Testing Forum
Available presentations of the ATA (Air Transport Association of America) NDT Forum.

News - Market - Technology
Plus News Elsewhere
News Archive
Production Takeover of Philips Industrial X-ray Tube Heads
YXLON International X-Ray GmbH announces that YXLON and COMET have extend- ed their agreement for the manufacture and supply of stationary anode industrial X-ray tube heads.

TOFD training courses in Dutch, English and German 2003
Sonovation has planned training courses for UT-TOFD level II in accordance with EN473. The courses have a duration of 7 days.

Agfa NDT's Worldwide magazine, latest issue
Railway Companies Bet on Ultrasonics, Safely on Track with OIS - pioneering technology with RADView computed radiography, Holes in the cheese - KRAUTKRAMER ULTRASONICS for the detection of cracks in cheeses, and more.

ORNL Awards Night honors David for science, technology accomplishments
David was recognized for his research into weld solidification behavior and the impact it has had on engineering problems related to weld cracking. The research has led to ORNL's performing collaborating work with international petrochemical and aerospace companies.

DGZfP-Jahrestagung 2002
Bericht über die Tagung und die Rahmenveranstaltungen

Inhaltsverzeichnis der ZfP-Zeitung 80
Einige Beiträge sowie Fachartikel sind online verfügbar

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Non-Destructive Testing of Welds
ASM Handbook Volume 11: Failure Analysis and Prevention
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APR 2-4
10th Italian Conference on NDT
Organized by AIPND
JUN 16-17
Ultrasonic Measurements in Metallurgy and Polymers
Announcement of Summer Institute at Univ. of Massachusetts Dartmouth Advanced Technology and Manufacturing Center (ATMC), Fall River, Massachusetts, USA
SEP 28-30
Matest 2003
International NDT Conference organized by CrSNDT
OCT 6-8
Czech Republic
2nd Workshop "NDT in PROGRESS"
This is a second event in a series started two years ago in Trest castle. Organized by German and Czech NDT Societies ( DGZfP and CNDT).

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