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This Month's Introduction

Table of Contents

In this month's issue we provide 19 Papers of Radiographic Testing that were presented at the 8th European Conference on NDT. The 8th ECNDT was held in June 17-21, 2002, in Barcelona Spain. We wish to thank authors for their co-operation.

For future issues we will continue the review of the 8th ECNDT papers. Authors who would like to include their papers in this review please see our Note.

This Month's Articles
Uwe EwertUpheaval in industrial radiologyRT
Chemical & Petrochemical
V.L Vengrinovich, Y.Denkevich, S.Zolotarev, S.Emelyanenkov, U.Zscherpel, G.-R. Tillack, C.MuellerNew technique for pipes wall thickness assessment considering scattering effectRT
Computer Processing
Gerd Ruediger Tillack, U.A. Samadurau, V. M. Artemiev And A. O. NaumovNon linear dynamic image reconstruction for x-ray process tomographyRT
Françoise Mathy, Bertrand Buzare, Régis GuillemaudExperimental validation of a coupled photon monte carlo and cad softwareRT
Romeu Ricardo Da Silva, Marcio Humberto Silva SiqueiraContribution to the development of a radiographic inspection automated systemRT
Jean-Michel Létang, Gilles Peix, Laurent DroulezAutomatic selection of beet seeds using pattern recognition techniques in high resolution x-ray imagesRT
Material Characterisation
Hans-Volker Rudolph, Manfred Paul Hentschel, Heins IversDamage accumulation in short fibre reinforced thermoplast byx-ray refraction
Domingo Mery, Dieter FilbertClassification of potential detects in automated inspection of aluminium castings using statistical pattern recognitionRT
Domingo Mery, Dieter FilbertAutomated inspection of moving aluminium castingsRT
Method & Instrumentation
P.LeblansA new needle-crystalline detector for x-ray computer radiography (cr)RT
Munier BernardHigh resolution digital flat panel x ray detector for ndtRT
Uwe Ewert, Uwe Zscherpel, Mike Horkey / Jim Kennedy / Mike HutchinsonA new computer based concept for digital radiographic reference cataloguesRT
Dr. Gregory A. Mohr, J. M. Gomez, C. BuenoGe a-si flat panel detector performance in industrial digital radiographyRT
Mines Detection
Dr. Jörgörg Beckmann, Klaus Pöhl, Dr. Uwe EwertRadiographic imaging for assessment of uxo suspected of chemical warfare materialRT
Miroslav Omeli, Josip StepaniLandmines characterisation based on trigger radiogramsRT
Kurt Osterloh, Uwe EwertEfndt wg5 apmd; achievements and future tasks
Bernhard Redmer, J. Robbel, U. Ewert, V. VengrinovichMechanised weld inspection by tomographic computer aided radiometry (tomocar)RT
Probability Detection & validation
Christina Mueller, Lloyd Schaefer, Mstislav ElaguineReliability investigation of ndt systems by fault tree analysis of recorded data
Ferenc Fücsök, Christina Mueller, Martina ScharmachReliability of routine radiographic film evaluation – an extended roc study of the human factor
Exhibitor's RT Papers at the 8th ECNDT

News - Market - Technology
Plus News Elsewhere
News Archive
Damage modelling and finite element simulation of the fatigue behaviour of fibre-reinforced composites
Partners are sought that have experience in either field of fatigue of fibre-reinforced composites, fatigue testing, damage modelling, finite element simulations.

A new NTIAC Newsletter is now Online!
Online NDE Employment Resources, NDE Of Composite Gas Cylinders and more.

Intrinsically-Safe Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge
To check for minimum wall thickness of pipes and tanks in hazardous areas.

Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
The model DIO 562 HC is a single channel ultrasonic flaw detector for manual field inspection as well as for automated scanning. It is equipped with Digital Signal Processing, memory card, and PC connections.

Krautkramer News: K-Tank Series
A Series of Ultrasonic Scanning Systems offering high reliability and rugged construction for use in industrial environments.

Krautkramer News: KV-100 Immersion Tank
A high speed ultrasonic test station for measuring nodularity in ductile iron. Heavy duty construction assures continuous use in a foundry environments.

Isonic 2001 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector Line of Insturments
Russell is appointed distributor for the amazing Isonic 2001 ultra-sonic flaw detector line of instruments and software from Sonotron. For information about these sophisticated systems go to Isonic2001

New Nuson webpage launched
The Nuson webpage has been completely renewed. The new page provides easy access for new visitors and current customers. The page will be kept up to date on our latest developments.

Inspection Management Software
Matrix One is a unique database software programme that will allow Oil, Gas and Petrochemical operators to evaluate, through an Inspection Management Data System

Oil Tanker Had Good Safety Record
The oil tanker that sank Tuesday in the Atlantic Ocean off northwestern Spain has had no major safety problems and was inspected as recently as last month, according to the Houston-based firm charged with validating its structural and mechanical fitness.

Agencies Reject Pilots' Request for Special Inspections
A petition to conduct fleetwide nondestructive inspections (NDI) of A300-600 tailfins, in which the pilots also suggest fleet grounding pending further investigation, has been rejected by federal officials.

Manufacturing Defects In Composites Do Not Worsen.
Visual Inspections Are Adequate for Safety, Airbus Maintains

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3rd International Conference on NDT
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