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This Month's Introduction

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In this month's issue we provide 13 Papers of NDT in Aerospace that were presented at the 8th European Conference on NDT.

So far we had published 30 Exhibitors' Papers and 19 Radiography Papers of the 8th ECNDT. We'll continue the 8th ECNDT review in forthcoming issues with approx. 40 more papers of many other NDT fields. We wish to thank Authors for their co-operation.

This Month's Articles
Aerospace and Related Papers
William J. Lewis, L.G.I. Bennett / T.R. Chalovich / O.FrancesconeNeutron Radiography Of Aircraft Composite Flight Control SurfacesNT
Jose Manuel Sanchez, Carlos Avila, Manuel Borras Portable ultrasonic D.A.A.S. for manuel inspections with non mechanic air borne probe positioningUT
Theodosia Stratoudaki, Chris Edwards, Steve Dixon And Stuart B. PalmerAdvances in laser based ultrasound in carbon fibre reinforced composites for aircraft inspectionUT
Mr. Thomas Mayer, Mr. Dieter Scherling, Mr. Junli SunShearography testing on aerospace CFRP componentsST
Nils Krohn, Rainer Stoessel, Gerd BusseDefect-selective imaging by non-linear scanning laser vibrometry and non-linear air-coupled ultrasoundUT
Malte Ahrholdt, Hermann RohlingCharacterization of aerospace CFRP structures by an automatic classification systemUT
Thomas Zweschper, Dieter Scherling, Gerd BusseLockin thermography methods for the NDT of CFRP aircraft componentsIT
Henry Gerhard, Gerd BusseDeformation-measurement with speckle interferometry by ultrasonic excitationUT
Juan Garcia, Nicolas Hernandez, Alfredo Morales, Tecnitest Ingenieros Considerations on thermographic inspection reliability of aircraft components IT
Brian Stephen Wong, Bai Weimin, Tui Chen GuanThermographic and laser shearographic evaluation of materialsIT
R. Krupka, T. Walz, A. Ettemeyer Industrial Applications of Shearography for Inspection of Aircraft ComponentsST
Gerhard Mook, Juergen Pohl / Fritz Michel / Andreas HilbigFrom non-destructive inspection to health monitoring of smart CFRP-compositesET
Uchanin Valentin Nikolajevich, Gerhard Mook, Tadeusz StepinskiThe investigation of deep penetranting high resolution EC probes for subsurface flaw detection and sizingET
  • Current 3 more Aerospace Papers of 8th ECNDT already published.
  • Current total 144 Aerospace Papers at NDT.net.
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    Plus News Elsewhere
    News Archive
    New Products from Metorex International
    New Portable Optical Emission (OES) analyzers and Handheld XRF analyzer based on X-ray tube technology.

    Tech Brief for Ultrasonic Bond Testing Shadow Variations
    An informative article (a.k.a., Tech Brief) is now available from Metals Testing Company that describes the pitfalls of using such an inspection method.

    A Series of CORDIS News
    • Material Characterization of steel sheet
    • Material Characterization of steel quality by Laser UT or XRD
    • NDT of quality characteristics of heavy plates
    • EMATS using guided waves in hot steel products better than conventional UT or ECT
    • Advanced non-contact UT and OT for online inspection of laser welds
    • 100% Ultrasonic Testing During Extrusion
    • EMATS using guided waves in stainless steel strips testing.
    • UT system for narrow gap welds
    • Dissemination of information about advanced corrosion monitoring techniques.
    • European network for inspection qualification (ENIQ)
    .... and more

    Automatic shaft revision system
    Automatic shaft revision system SARSz-1 allows precise remotely controlled observation of the inside of shafts using a high-end camera (CORDIS Database).

    Nondestructive Testing Services Market Growing
    Maxtech International's analysis of Nondestructive Testing Services Markets is available in a 150 page report that provides market sizes and segmentation both by industry and type of NDT method.

    Software Solutions for Safety Professionals
    Solving the everyday needs of radiation protection professionals. You may download an evaluation copy.

    Inspections of Columbia's Main Propulsion System (MPS)
    Due to the magnetic property of the stainless flow liners on Columbia, ultrasonic testing proved to be a more effective means than eddy current to determine if cracks were present. Using ultrasound, technicians identified three cracks on engine two liquid hydrogen flow liner. No further decisions are expected until teams are able to inspect Endeavour late this week.

    HHT Advanced Analysis Software Technology Briefing
    (NASA) contemplates holding a briefing on March 24, 2003 to discuss opportunities for the commercialization of its Hilbert-Huang Transform (HHT) in the analysis of machine health and acoustics. This award-winning technology provides a nondestructive method for monitoring and diagnosing operational machine health condition enabling you to avoid catastrophic equipment failures.

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    Sep 8- 11
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    7th Joint FAA/DoD/NASA Conference on Aging Aircraft 2003
    Sep 22- 25
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    Chamonix Mont Blanc
    17th International Congress on X-ray Optics and Microanalysis
    Nov 9- 12
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