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This Month's Introduction

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In this month's issue we provide Papers of the 8th ECNDT dealing with Civil Engineering, Mine Detection and Acoustic Emission Testing.

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So far we have published 80 Papers of the 8th ECNDT. We will interrupt the 8th ECNDT series in our May issue by publishing some very interesting articles of individual authors. We will continue the review in forthcoming issues. We wish to thank Authors for their co-operation.

This Month's Articles
Civil Engineering, Mine Detection and Acoustic Emission Testing.
Reinhard Jansohn, Jan ScherzerImproper filled ducts detected by ultrasound reflectionUT
Otto Kroggel, Martin Schickert, Jürgen SchnappStatistical evaluation of ultrasound images of concrete structuresUT
Prof A Kovalev, Peter Shaw, Stuart HubbardUltrasonic examination of concrete structuresUT
Dr. Nathan Ida, Razvan CiocanApplication of acoustic emission technique for in-service monitoring of air-driven pump diaphragmsAT
D. Grabco, D. LeuBrittleness of water pipe alloys estimated by the acoustic emission methodAT
O. Shikimaka, D. Grabco, R. Zhitaru, N. PalistrantHardness and brittleness of rocks studied by microindentation in combination with the acoustic emission methodAT
Josip StepanicDesign of resolving power of ultrasonic sensors for buried objects materials characterisationUT
Christina Müller, Martina Scharmach, Vera Konchina, Damir MarkucicGeneral principles of reliability assessment of NDE systems and its applicability to the mine detection practice

News - Market - Technology
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News Archive
Metals Testing Company Announces a Rapid R&D™ Capability
Rapid R&D™ is a quick turnaround service to provide the NDT marketplace with a cost effective feasibility study of a given NDT application. The pathfinder service is based upon immersion and contact Ultrasonics (UT). MTC has advanced color C-Scan systems to support such a service.

51st Defense Working Group on Nondestructive Testing
The 51st Defense Working Group on Nondestructive Testing is hosted this year by the United States Air Force, 361st Training Squadron/Detachment 2, and will be held from 4-6 Nov 2003, at the Ramada Plaza Beach Resort, Ft. Walton Beach, FL.

R/D Tech at the MT2003 Exhibition 8-10 April
R/D Tech will be exhibiting a complete Pipe Wizard Phased Array Inspection system .

Camera for real-time inspection in wood and timber processing
A Swedish SME needs a camera system with an optical image sensor array with high-speed data transfer capability. The camera is used with lasers in a system for inspection and control in wood and timber manufacturing (CORDIS Database).

Schlieren and Shadowgraph Techniques: Visualizing Phenomena in Transparent Media
This new book is intended as a practical guide for those who want to use these methods, as well as a resource for a broad range of disciplines where scientific visualization is important.

RNDT, Inc. received EN-473 / ISO-9712 Level III Certification
These certifications approve RNDT, Inc. personnel to provide testing services compliant to article 13 of the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23 EC. n

R/D Tech launches the OmniScan™, a new family of instruments for the nondestructive testing market
R/D Tech introduces a new family of NDT test instruments, OmniScan, which is designed to meet the most demanding inspection requirements in various business sectors, such as aerospace, petrochemicals and balance of plant, industrial production, component testing, and labs.

R/D Tech Launches the MultiScan MS 5800™, a New Instrument for the NDT In-Service Market
R/D Tech inc. introduces a new NDT inspection instrument, the MultiScan MS 5800™, which is dedicated to the in-service and maintenance inspection mainly for the petrochemical and balance of plant industries. The lightweight, portable MultiScan MS 5800™ is ideal for a number of applications such as weld and tube inspection, and corrosion mapping.

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Registration End Date 30-May-03.
Organizer Homepage: www.epri.com
Jun 30-Jul 2
Hilton Head Island
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22nd EPRI Steam Generator NDE Workshop
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