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This Month's Issue ends our ECNDT Review. NDT.net has now published 90 full-text papers from this conference. Authors please see our Call for Papers if you want to participate with a paper in future issues.

Our recent efforts against forum spam was successful and it is clearly shown that the NDT.net Forum keeps its name as the most popular NDT Internet forum. 2000 visitors reading approx. 120 new forum posts each month. The benefits to our 1100 Forum Members are clear, first as members you receive new forum posts as email delivery and secondly this allows you to easily get in contact with your colleagues. The popularity of the Forum membership can be seen by the fact that there are 6000 access per month of the Member Database. Open the graphics on the right hand to see break downs of Forum Members by countries, methods and occupations.
We hope that no further spam restrictions are necessary, so that our policies can allow posts from unregistered people barrier-free.

This Month's Articles
Anish Kumar, Vani Shankar, T. Jayakumar, K. Bhanu Sankara Rao And Baldev RajEffect of precipitates on the correlation of ultrasonic velocity with mechanical properties in ni-based superalloy inconel 625UT
Kaftandjian Valerie, Francois NathalieUse of data fusion methods to improve reliability of inspection : synthesis of the work done in the frame of a european thematic networkRT/UT
G.Pichenot, T. SollierEddy current modelling for nondestructive testingET
Amal Tmiri, Sograti BelattarThermal non destructive testing analisys in the frequency domain IRT
Smail Sahnoun, Sougrati BelattarFinite difference method applied to the analysis of the detection and localitation of plan defects
Tadeusz StepinskiDeep penetrating eddy current for detection voids in copperET
Pertti Auerkari, Jorma Pitkänen, Mikko Pihkakoski, Liisa Muurinen / Markku Kemppainen / Pekka KangasMaintenance of gas turbines - impact and implications for NDTET/UT/PT
P.P. Prokhorenko, N.P. Migoun, A.B. Gnusin, M.Stadthaus, H.M. Thomas, J.Baugatz, W. KonigReproducibility problem for the procedure of type testing of liquid penetrantsPT

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RMG 4015 - Crack Depth Gauging even on (almost) impossible objects
Surface crack testing on complicated and expensive workpieces: The crack depth gauge RMG 4015 here cannot be resigned.

LEPTO-Pen: Layer thickness measurement quite easy
If the high accuracy of electronic coating thickness measuring instruments is not necessary, the question about a simple and economical alternative sets itself up again and again.

Two prizes are awarded biennially by the International Photoacoustic and Photothermal Association
The IPPA Prize is aimed at recognizing and honoring scientists or engineers who have made significant contributions to the field of Photoacoustic and Photothermal Science and Technology.

CORDIS Database Projects:
Laser multitask non-destructive technology in conservation diagnostic procedures
Improved damage assessments of parchments
On-site investigation techniques for the structural evaluation of historic masonry buildings
Chemiluminescence - a novel tool in paper conservation studies
CORDIS Database Results:
Ultrasonic probes for non-destructive testing, industrial measurement, energy and environmental applications
System for the assessment of safety conditions in reinforced concrete and masonry structures

Bjarne Larsen died
Bjarne was a very early fellow of the NDT.net forum and shared his broad technical experience with many colleagues.

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Dec 4- 5
Bad Neuenahr / Ahrweiler
NDT wide
Werkstoffprüfung 2003
Herausforderung durch den industriellen Fortschritt
Organizer Homepage: www.vdeh.de
Mai 17- 19
NDT wide
DACH-Jahrestagung ZfP in Forschung, Entwicklung und Anwendung
Organizer Homepage: www.dgzfp.de

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