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This Month's Introduction
CT 2003

This Month's Issue presents selected articles of the Internatonal Symposium on Computed Tomography and Image Processing for Industrial Radiology. The Symposium took place in Berlin in June 2003. The conference proceedings provides all papers as PDF files on CD-ROM and order information can be found here.

Archive: News
News - Market - Technology
YXLON International celebrates the 100th MU231 sold
With 100 systems in the market already - it is the most successful Wheel inspection system in the world
The industrial standard in quality control for alloy wheels
The article describes the structure of an In-Line X-Ray Wheel Inspection System
52nd Defense Working Group on Nondestructive Testing
The Defense Working Group on NDT provides the only forum for Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, DLA, and DCMA representatives to freely exchange information pertaining to nondestructive testing methods, equipment and applications.
News Elsewhere
NDE Industry News: GE buys InVision
B. In NDE industry news, Reuters is reporting GE is buying InVision Technologies Inc. for $900 million. InVision had purchased YXLON International early last year to bolster their position in the explosives detection systems market.
ZfP-Zeitung 89 erschienen
B. Schillinger und T. Bücherl: Neutronen sehen, was Röntgenstrahlen verborgen bleibt
Archive: Articles
First Refraction Enhanced 3D Computed Tomography - Application to Metal Matrix Composites
B.R. Müller, A. Lange, M. Harwardt, M.P. Hentschel, B. Illerhaus, J. Goebbels, J. Bamberg, F. Heutling
Experiences in using a 320 kV micro focus X-ray tube and a large sized amorphous silicon detector for 3D-CT
Y. Onel, B. Illerhaus, J. Goebbels
Automatic delamination defects detection in radiographic sequences of rocket boosters
V. Rebuffel, S. Pires, A. Caplier, P. Lamarque
Efficient Volume Digitizing with Adaptive Computerized Tomography
A. Flisch, A. Obrist, J. Hofmann
Unsharpness characteristics of digital detectors for industrial radiographic imaging
U. Zscherpel, K. Osterloh, U. Ewert
On Human Perception of 3D Images
K. Osterloh, B. Redmer, U. Ewert

Calendar of Events
New Events & updates
Extension of Submission Deadline to 31 May 2004
The 3rd Int' Conf' on Experimental Mechanics & Smart Structures and Non-Destructive Testing at 29.11.- 1.12.2004 in Singapore
DGZfP-2004: Programm & Kurzfassungen
17.-19. Mai 2004 Salzburg
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New Literature
Seventh International Workshop on NDT and Computer Simulations in Science and Engineering
Thermosense XXVI

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... 2004: Selected papers of the MiddleEastNDT '03
... 2004: Selected papers of the Int' Sympos CT & IP '03
... 2004: The DGZfP 2004 CD-ROM
... 2004: Selected papers of individual Authors
Call for Papers 2004
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