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This Month's Introduction

This Month's Issue presents articles of miscellaneous NDT methods together with more papers of the 2nd MENDT.
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Archive: News
News - Market - Technology
NDT.net will provide the 16th WCNDT Proceedings on the Internet
NDT.Net has received the rights to publish the complete contents on its Web site.
Long Range UT and PEC (Pulsed Eddy Current) inspection techniques
In line with our strategy to provide innovative non-destructive testing solutions, Sonovation has made the decision to extend their services with Long Range UT and PEC inspection services.
NDT test kits are now available from KPR Adcor Inc.
NDT Non Destructive Test Kit Detect Hairline Fractures Pin-Holes or Cracks in Welds, Pipelines, Casings, Tanks and Structures
Zetec Inc. Acquires Power Generation Business from R/D Tech Inc.
Zetec acquired Power Generation Business assets located in the R/D Tech facilities primarily in Quebec, Charlotte, North Carolina, and Deep River, Ontario, Canada.
News Elsewhere
eTOFDTM enhanced Time Of Flight Diffraction System
eTOFD revolutionizes the Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD) technique by seamlessly combining TOFD technology with enhanced pulse/echo technology.
UMR graduate student working with NASA
Student assisting scientists at the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama in developing methods to perform microwave nondestructive evaluation (NDE) on the space shuttle's external tank insulating foam and other NASA applications.
Archive: Articles
Computer Aided Interpretation of Radiaographic Images Using a Wavelet Transform Procedure
Xin Wang, Brian Stephen Wong and Chen Guan Tui
Photoacoustic spectroscopy as an NDT tool for thin films
S. Mahalakshmi, P. Palanichamy and K. Ramachandran
In-Service Testing and Monitoring of Process Plant
P.T.Cole, S.N.Gautrey
External Inspection: High Resolution MFL Robotic Pipe Scanner (RPS)
External Inspection: High Resolution MFL Robotic Pipe Scanner (RPS)
Digital Radiography in NDT Applications
Eric Deprins
The Use of X-Ray Computed Tomography (CT) Techniques to Study the Internal Structures of Concrete
Habeeb H. Saleh, Richard Livingston
A Comprehensive Approach to Reformer Tube Inspection and Assessment
Brian Shannon, Carl Jaske

Calendar of Events
New Events & updates
Workshop on Computational Tools for Modeling Acoustic Propagation in Real-World Materials
2004 Aug 9-10. Boulder, Colorado USA
This workshop focuses on high-performance computational tools necessary to model acoustic propagation in attenuating and dispersive materials.
Advances in Signal Processing for NDE
2005 Aug 2-5 Canada, Quebec City
2005 Nov 15-18, Japan Tokyo
NDE TOKYO is the only trade show in Japan which focuses on non-destructive test, measurement and evaluation, diagnostic technology.
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New Literature
English Abstracts of the German Material Testing Journal (MP)

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... 2004: Selected papers of the Int' Sympos CT & IP '03
... 2004: The WCNDT 2004 CD-ROM
... 2004: The DGZfP 2004 CD-ROM
... 2004: Selected papers of individual Authors
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