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This Month's Introduction

This Month's Issue presents articles from individual authors of miscellaneous NDT methods. Most of the papers tend to use complex theory or modeling.
We are happy to receive during last months a rise of New Exhibitors. Please remember to use this Exhibition for your business needs. Only with help of now 55 Exhibitors can we continue to operate this site as a free service.

Archive: News
News - Market - Technology
Mechanised and Automated Ultrasonic Testing in Production
Vogt Werkstoffprüfsysteme GmbH, Burgwedel has developed a new PC-based testing system with WINDOWS-operating system, called PROline for mechanized and automated ultrasonic testing in production.
World NDT Equipment Market: Press Release
Frost & Sullivan, a global Growth Consulting firm, has recently completed analysis on the World Nondestructive Test Equipment Markets, reveals that revenues in this market totaled $724.3 million in 2003 and are projected to reach $1.03 billion by 2010.
World NDT Equipment Market: Analysis Highlights
Consolidation Trend in Industry Portends Challenges. Drive to Improve Quality, Asset Life and Throughput. Rapid Pace of Industrial Growth in Emerging Markets Portends Opportunities
Sonotron NDT Receives 2004 Frost & Sullivan Award for Product Differentiation Innovation (12 Jul 2004)
Frost & Sullivan has highlighted Sonotron NDT’s flagship ISONIC 2001 range of portable ultrasonic inspection systems for its ability to constantly evolve and cater to a wide range of end-use applications.
Positron Systems Receives Funding to Investigate Hydrogen Embrittlement Damage
Development of a new technology will result in safer and less expensive operations of components susceptible to hydrogen embrittlement damage, which affects many industries including aerospace, automotive, transportation infrastructure, rail and power generation and results in substantial direct annual costs.
News Elsewhere
The European Casting Quality Project: QUME
The developed system critically inspects cast metallic samples for defects by combining two new Quantitative Non-Destructive Characterisation techniques.
June 2004 edition of the NTIAC Newsletter
* AFRL and ASC/AAA Transition Boeing’s MAUS-V To Air Logistics Center * NIST: Radio Waves "See" Moisture Inside Walls * Battelle: Nondestructive Imaging Third Most Important Anti-Terror Innovation ... and more
Archive: Articles
Optical Nondestructive Method for Measuring Inhomogeneously Distributed Parameters in Semitransparent Samples
The Defective Structure of Plastically Deformed Constructional Steel 12X18X10T
Paiziev A.A. and Knyazev E.V.
Variation of Thermal Diffusivity of PMA on Ultrasonication Period by Photoacoustic Phase Measurements
M.A.Jothi Rajan, T.S. Vivekanandam, S.Umapathy
Inspection and Welding Repairs of Pressure Vessels
S. V. Gupte
On the Relation Between Inspection Quantity and Quality
Daniel Straub, Michael Havbro Fabe
Determination of the mechanical properties of concrete in the time domain applying ultrasonic pulse velocity
Manuel Rodriguez Gonzalez, Carlos Recarey Morfa

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WCU 2005: 6th World Congress on Ultrasonics
11-15 Sep 2005, Friendship Hotel, Beijing, China
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