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This Month's Introduction

3rd Middle East NDT 2005

This Month's Issue presents articles from individual authors of miscellaneous NDT methods. Furthermore we are continuing to improve the search capabilities of the CD-Proceedings of the WCNDT 2004.

I would like to wish all readers, authors, exhibitors and sponsors a very happy season. Many thanks to all for your contributions to NDT.net's continuing success on the Internet. I wish to thank all experts very much for their professional advice in so many forum discussions.

Rolf Diederichs
Editor & Publisher

Archive: News
News - Market - Technology
Kodak Expands Its Line of KODAK INDUSTREX Chemicals for Non-Destructive Testing
Compatible with automatic mixer systems, these three new Pratt & Whitney-approved chemicals are single-part concentrates that provide ease of use and reduced packaging waste.
New Radiation-Tolerant APS Camera Survives Battering by High-Energy Particles
SIRA'S camera had previously been successfully tested with a 5 Mrad dose of Gamma rays, but has now survived high radiation doses exceeding 6 Mrad from beams of high energy particles with similar performance.
NASA NESC Request for Information
Interested organizations from industry, academia, and government are asked to provide a 500 word abstract describing potentially feasible technologies for NDE of foam.
News Elsewhere
Autosonic™ - Your gas cylinder safety testing device
Swiss TS developed there own ultrasonic testing machine Autosonic™ to serve the purpose as a test centre.
Stellenanzeige: DGZfP sucht neuen Geschäftsführer
Die Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zerstörungsfreie Prüfung e.V. (DGZfP) sucht mit Eintrittstermin zum Januar 2006 eine/n Geschäftsführerin/Geschäftsführer.
ZfP-Zeitung 92 erschienen
u.A. Facheitrag von H. Ernst, V. K. Munikoti, H. Wüstenberg: Experimentelle Verifizierung von Modellvorstellungen zur Schallausbreitung in anisotropen Materialien
Archive: Articles
Operation of Highly Focussed Immersion Ultrasonic Transducers at Elevated Temperatures
Alex Karpelson
X rays linear attenuation coefficient in steel. I. Thickness dependence
V. Dorobantu
Fracture process zone in notched concrete beams treated by using acoustic emission
H. Hadjab J.-Fr.Thimus and M. Chabaat
Research into the correlation between concrete strength and UPV values
P. Turgut

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Nov 2004 - Vol.9 No.11


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