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This Month's Introduction
Time of Flight Diffraction - An Alternate Non-Destructive Testing Procedure to Replace Traditional Methods; Mr Prabhakaran Koyickal Gopalan; Singapore

This Month's Issue presents articles from individual authors of miscellaneous NDT methods. Furthermore we are continuing to publish papers of the session "Smart Structures and Non-Destructive Testing" of the ICEM 2004 in Singapore.

News - Market - Technology
Concerns about NDT of new Airbus A380
"We're concerned about the capability of operators to conduct NDT of these materials...."
Innovative Infrared Imaging Cameras
Electrophysics® Unveils Breakthrough Thermography Camera Highlighted By Cutting Edge Industrial Design
Ed Henneke receives award for innovation in nondestructive testing research
Henneke received this award for having proposed and developed a new technique for nondestructive evaluation of damage in advanced composite materials. He and his graduate students coined a word to name this new technique - vibrothermography.
Trauer um Dr Hans Steinbichler
Die Steinbichler Optotechnik GmbH (Neubeuern) trauert um ihren Firmengründer und Senior-Chef Dr. Hans Steinbichler, der am 7.04.05 nach kurzer schwerer Krankheit verstarb.
News Elsewhere
Gage Applied Technologies Announces New 12-bit Digitizer with 400 MS/s Sampling
This combination of speed and resolution are ideal for implementation in a wide range of applications such as ultrasonic non-destructive testing.
Associate Dean Receives Award for Nondestructive Testing of Composites
Ed Henneke from the College of Engineering at Virginia Tech, USA, received an award for developing a new technique for evaluating damage in composites.
Gatwick Airport Runway tested by Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
The Aperio team carried out a geophysical survey of taxiway Juliet at London Gatwick, the world’s busiest single-runway airport.
Die ZfP Zeitung April 2004 jetzt im Volltext
More News Pages
Thickness Measurement of Chromium Layers on Stainless Steel Using the Thermoelectric Method with Magnetic Readout (TEM)
Johann H. Hinken, Bastian Barenthin, Josef Halfpaap, Christoph Moebes, Herbert Wrobel, Christian Ziep, Michael Hekli
Detection and Characterization of Ferromagnetic Inclusions in Non-Ferromagnetic Alloys
Johann H. Hinken, H. Wrobel, G. Mook and J. Simonin
An Ethical Problem in the Statistics of Defect Detection Test Reliability
Terry Oldberg

Structural Integrity Monitoring of Smart Civil Structures using EFPI Sensors
Prof Jinsong Leng; China
A Fundamental Study of an Inspection Method for Thin-walled Structure Using Lamb Waves Induced by Chirp Signals
Prof Yoshihiro Mizutani; Japan
Time of Flight Diffraction - An Alternate Non-Destructive Testing Procedure to Replace Traditional Methods
Mr Prabhakaran Koyickal Gopalan; Singapore
Non-contact Damage Monitoring by Laser AE Technique
Prof Manabu Enoki; Japan
Ultrasonic Attenuation Study in High Tc Superconductors
Prof Zhongcheng Shen; China
New Events & updates
Moderne Materialanalytik mit Neutronen, Ionen und Synchrotronstrahlung new
2005 Jun 1- Germany, Berlin,
Fourth African Regional Conference and Exhibition new
2006 Feb 11- 13 - Egypt , Cairo,
Weldex 2006 - NDT Pavilion new
2006 May 16- 18 - UK, Birmingham,
Advanced testing of fresh cementitious materials new
2006 Aug 3- 4 - Germany, Stuttgart,
9th ECNDT in Berlin updated
2006 Sep 25- 29 - Germany , Berlin,
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