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This Month's Introduction

Ultragarsas Journal Home

This Month's Issue focuses with selected papers on the journal "Ultragarsas" ("Ultrasound" in Lithuanian). This is the publication of the Ultrasound Institute at Kaunas University of Technology. Since 1969 the Journal has published papers in the following fields: ultrasonic imaging and non-destructive testing, ultrasonic transducers, ultrasonic measurements, physical acoustics, medical and biological ultrasound, room acoustics, noise and vibrations, signal processing.

We are pleased to introduce Dr Subhas Chandra Mukhopadhyay as new member of NDT.net's editor advisory board. He works in the field of ECT techniques, Electromagnetic sensing technology in teaching an research at Institute of Information Sciences and Technology at Massey University (Turitea) New Zealand.

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News - Market - Technology
Series 35 Ultrasonic Precision Thickness Gauges
Olympus-NDT is pleased to introduce the Panametrics-NDT Models 35, 35HP, 35DL, and 35DLHP Ultrasonic Precision Thickness Gages.
Olympus Acquires R/D Tech
Olympus Corporation’s acquisition of R/D Tech on June 1, 2005, has resulted in the formation of a new business called Olympus NDT. Olympus NDT comprises all companies affiliated with R/D Tech ....
New handheld XRF analyzer
Fast, reliable and non-destructive RoHS compliance screening from Oxford Instruments.
Xradia Announces X-ray Fluorescence Imaging Tool
X-ray microscopy company Xradia Inc. announced today the release of a new element-specific x-ray imaging tool for semiconductor metrology, Scanning Electron Microscopes and Electron Probe Micro Analyzers.
State of the art simulation software for NDT
CEDRAT and CEA (Commissariat ŕ l Energie Atomique) announce their partnership to strengthen CEDRAT Group will market this software solution in Europe and in North America, where is located Magsoft Corporation, one of its companies.
News Elsewhere
New Magnetic Techniques For Microstructural Characterisation Of Steels
The aim of the doctoral thesis was to design an electronic system capable of determining microstructure variations in steels by means of magnetic non-destructive techniques.
Non-destructive testing of sheet product inner surfaces using longtitudinal surface acoustic waves
S. Sajauskas, A. Valinevičius, L. Miežutavičiute; Department of electronics engineering, Kaunas University of Technology
Ultrasonic method for detection and location of defects in three-layer plastic pipe based on the wavelet transform
R. Kažys, O. Tumšys, D. Pagodinas, Prof. K.Baršauskas; Ultrasound institute Kaunas University of Technology
The use of ultrasound for determination of the thickness of glass panes of windows
A. Vladišauskas, L. Jakevičius, J. Butkus, Prof. K.Baršauskas; Ultrasound Institute Kaunas University of Technology
Application of air–coupled ultrasonic technique for sizing of delamination type defect in multilayered materials
E. Žukauskas, V. Cicenas, R. Kažys, Prof. K. Baršauskas; Ultrasound Institute Kaunas University of Technology
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5th International Conference on NDE ... new
2006 May 10-12, USA, San Diego CA
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