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This Month's Introduction
Article: Ultrasonic Spectroscopy using a Rapid Sweep Technique; Joseph M. Buckley, Sonatest plc, UK; James R. Tucker, Southern Research Institute, USA
Ultrasonic Spectroscopy
in Space Shuttle

This Month's Issue presents articles of miscellaneous NDT fields. Two Authors submitted their papers of the "Railway Engineering-2005". The photo shows operators in Space Shuttle cargo bay using a system for ultrasonic spectroscopy. The corresponding paper was presented at the WCNDT 2004, however, was not in the conference CD. Two more papers are submitted from authors of research parties.

The New Database has been speeded up and received a keyword search.

News - Market - Technology
Ready to go the new Consumables range from Sonatest
Now manufactured with approvals for ASME, MIL and EN standards, a greater consistency in performance.
Microgage VX - the New Precision A-Scan Thickness Gauge - Value for Money
Equipped with an abundance of features the Microgage VX can be used with a variety of transducer types, but comes as standard with a high frequency pencil probe - Sonapen.
Harfang Microtechniques to join Sonatest NDE Group
Harfang Microtechniques will continue to operate from its existing base in Quebec City, Canada.
Atlantis NDE - New joint venture in the NDE market
Sonatest Plc and Tecnitest Ingenieros SL, has formed the joint venture company Atlantis NDE, SL. Overall there will be a focus on creating engineering solutions for specific NDT applications in the automotive, aerospace and petro-chemical industries.
General Electric Company to acquire Everest, VIT, Inc
General Electric Company has signed a definitive agreement with Welch Allyn to acquire Everest, VIT, Inc. (EVIT), a remote industrial visual inspection technologies subsidiary.
NDT Digital Radiography Training Centre
With the emerging developments in Digital Radiography as an alternative method of product inspection against conventionnal film radiography methods, CIT has set up a digital radiography training centre in Milton Keynes.
New Centre makes life safer
TWI Ltd and the Swansea Institute have established The NDT Validation Centre to assess the accuracy and consistency of the NDT methods used in manufacturing and construction industries.
Sonotron NDT launches ISONIC 2005
New Portable Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector and Recorder. ISONIC 2005 uniquely combines the functionality and mobility of the high performance portable digital ultrasonic flaw detector with the recording, imaging, and data processing capabilities of the smart computerized inspection system
Screening of Switch Blades using Guided Waves
M. Evans, Dr. K. Vine, Guided Ultrasonics (Rail) Ltd., UK (Railway Engineering-2005)
NDT Inspection of Railway Tracks Embedded in Concrete
J. Hugenschmidt, EMPA, Switzerland; Carl N. Kasa, VAP, Switzerland (Railway Engineering-2005)
Novel high performance planar electromagnetic sensors
S. C. Mukhopadhyay, Institute of Information Sciences and Technology Massey University, New Zealand
Finite element method applied to the three dimension thermal characterization of a delamination
A. Obbadi, S. Belattar, Faculty of Sciences, Marocco
Ultrasonic Spectroscopy using a Rapid Sweep Technique
Joseph M. Buckley, Sonatest plc, UK; James R. Tucker, Southern Research Institute, USA
News Elsewhere
Sotirios J. Vahaviolos, Receives the Gold Medal Award from the AEWG
At the 48th AEWG meeting, Sotirios J. Vahaviolos, Ph.D., President and CEO of the MISTRAS Holdings Group, received the Award.
Eddy Current Training Videos
Zetec offers a series of ECT Videos that complement written materials and provide additional training support.
Indian Railways buying Ultrasonic Rail Testing
Indian Railways latest initiative to reduce train accidents is the buying of ‘SPURT’ cars, which will run on their tracks measuring and identifying rail flaws. ‘SPURT' stands for Self Propelled Ultrasonic Rail Testing.
New Events & updates
Aerospace Testing Russia 2005 new
2005 Nov 30 - Dec 02 - Moscow, Russia
Conference on Damage in Composite Materials: Simulation and NDT new
2006 Sep 18- 19 - Germany, Stuttgart,
9th European Conference on NDT update
2006 Sep 25-29, Germany, Berlin
Deadline for abstract submission is Oct. 1st, 2005.
Download the Second announcement and Call for papers as well as all documents for registration and hotel-reservation.
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* 2006: CD of the 9th ECNDT in Berlin
* 2006: Conference on Damage in Composite Materials: Simulation and NDT
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