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This Month's Introduction
Article: Reverse Engineering of 3-D Crack-Like EDM Notches and Phased Array Ultrasonic Results on Low-Pressure Turbine Components Mock-Ups, Peter Ciorau, Wence Daks, Howard Smith
3-D Data Plotting

This Month's Issue presents articles of miscellaneous NDT fields. Three articles of phased array ultrasonic testing are a major topic in this issue.

We are pleased to introduce Dr Shihua Tang as new member of NDT.net's editor advisory board. Dr. Tang is now working as an Associate Professor in School of Mechanical and Power Engineering at East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai, China.

News - Market - Technology
ForeEyes 2020 Portable Video Inspection and Recording Unit.
This system is now available with small (6 or 8mm) diameter videoscopes for remote video inspection (RVI) applications.
Danatronics, Danvers, Ma. Introduces new Simple Ultrasonic Thickness Gage
Packaged in the same custom molded high density plastic case with rubber keypad, the EHC-09B is designed for years of reliable, one-side access only wall thickness readings.
Health monitoring of aircraft by Nonlinear Elastic Wave Spectroscopy
Non-linear Elastic Wave Spectroscopy (NEWS) and related acoustic and ultrasonic methods comprise a new class of innovative NDT techniques. CORDIS RTD-PROJECTS / European Communities.
Aircraft Integrated Structural Health Assessment
This project aims at realising a breakthrough in aircraft health monitoring technology by exploring the capabilities of ultrasonic Lamb waves as the basic sensing principle and by providing an integrated and multidisciplinary research path. CORDIS RTD-PROJECTS / European Communities.
RoHS compliance testing Informative Resource now on-line at www.rohsbyxrf.com
To assist manufacturers, suppliers and recyclers, who must screen or verification test materials and components to ensure product compliance, Oxford Instruments has developed an on-line RoHS by XRF information resource at www.rohsbyxrf.com.
Sonotron NDT launches ISONIC 2005
New Portable Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector and Recorder. ISONIC 2005 uniquely combines the functionality and mobility of the high performance portable digital ultrasonic flaw detector with the recording, imaging, and data processing capabilities of the smart computerized inspection system
Contribution to Detection and Sizing Linear Defects by Phased Array Ultrasonic Techniques
Peter Ciorau
Phased Array Ultrasonic Inspection: A Reliable Tool for Life-Assessment of Low-Pressure Turbine Components. IMS Experience 2001-2005
Peter Ciorau, Lou Pullia
Reverse Engineering of 3-D Crack-Like EDM Notches and Phased Array Ultrasonic Results on Low-Pressure Turbine Components Mock-Ups
Peter Ciorau, Wence Daks, Howard Smith
Electrochemical Nondestructive Testing for Deducing Physical and Mechanical Properties of Steels
Sayed H. El-Nekhaly
A Calibration Method for Misaligned Scanner Geometry in Cone-beam Computed Tomography
Yi Sun, Ying Hou, Fengyong Zhao, Jiasheng Hu
Fast Inspection of Railway Ballast By Means of Impulse GPR Equipped with Horn Antennas
Dr. A. Kathage, J. Niessen, G. White, N. Bell
On the transport of Carbon in CdS by photoacoustics
A.K. Balasubramanian, N.Sankar and K.Ramachandran, Madurai Kamaraj University, India
News Elsewhere
NDT specialist completes oil refinery projects
NDT specialist De-Tect has been involved in significant projects in the oil refining industry.
It is recognition and awards time for Dr.Baldev Raj
The Kolkata-based Indian Institute of Metals (IIM) has elected Dr.Baldev Raj, director, Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research (IGCAR) as its president.
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