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This Month's Introduction
April Issue in the Database

This Month's Issue focuses on the 14th International Symposium on Nondestructive Testing of Wood, held in May 2005 Eberswalde, Germany. We selected nine of the total 53 papers for publishing in NDT.net. The proceedings can be purchased in print by the publisher Shaker Verlag Germany.
The conference authors G. Dill-Langer, W. Bernauer, S. Aicher of Univ. Saarbrücken continued their research, hence submitted for this issue their newest title "Reflection Measurements at Timber Glue-Lines by Means of Ultrasound Shear Waves". Media reports that wrong glue probable cause of the disaster that occurred in Reichenhall, Germany, January 2006. The authors are working in the MPA Institute and are involved in this subject.

News - Market - Technology
Automated equipment for ultrasonic testing of bars and billets
A new system for automated ultrasonic testing of bars and billets has been put into industrial operation at 'Byelorussian Steel Works' (Zhlobin) by Nordinkraft.
NEW Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges
NDT Systems Introducing the Nova 900 Series Precision Ultrasonic Thickness Gages with over 5 models.
Olympus NDT Launches the OmniScan iX
The new OmniScan iX is an advanced ultrasonic data acquisition system designed for high-speed immersion or non-immersion testing of critical industrial components.
OmniScan PA 1.4 Software—Ultrasound and Phased Array Acquisition and Analysis—for NDT
The software offers a wide range of features specifically designed for NDT environments and is now available to OmniScan customers as a free download.
YXLON is awarded a contract by Baoshan Iron & Steel Co. for five X-ray pipe inspection systems
The pipe inspection systems provided by YXLON International will inspect 100% of the production according API 5l standard.
EFNDT BOD Meeting and GA in Vienna, November 2005
Meetings of the Board of Directors and the General Assembly were held in Vienna on 11 and 12 November 2005. The Board reported its activities.
54nd Defense Working Group on Nondestructive Testing
The meeting is hosted this year by the Air Force 58th Special Operations Wing, Kirkland Air Force Base and will be held from 31 October -2 November, 2006, at the Wyndham Albuquerque Hotel, in Albuquerque NM.
News Elsewhere
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Monitoring cumulative damage in shear wall testing with Acoustic Emission
Frank C. Beall
The importance of the nondestructive technologies for wooden pole network asset management
Dr. J.-L. Sandoz; Dr. Y. Benoit
Using Phase Slope for Arrival Time Determination
Berndt, Harald , Johnson, George C. , Schniewind, Arno P.
Inspection of glue-lines of glued-laminated timber by means of ultrasonic testing
G. Dill-Langer, S. Aicher, W. Bernauer
Reflection Measurements at Timber Glue-Lines by Means of Ultrasound Shear Waves
G. Dill-Langer, S. Aicher, W. Bernauer
Not in Wood-NDT 2005.
Resolution of the stress wave based acoustic tomography
F. Divos; P. Divos
Defect localisation in wood with low frequency Ultrasound Echo Technique
A. Hasenstab; M. Krause
Evaluation of density distribution in wood-based panels using X-ray scanning
X. Wang, M. Mohammad, L. J. Hu, A. Salenikovich
Thermographic detection of defects in wood and wood-based materials
P. Meinlschmidt; Wilhelm-Klauditz-Institut (WKI), Fraunhofer-Institute for wood research, Braunschweig
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