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This Month's Introduction
Quantification of Ultrasonic Beams Using Photoelastic Visualisation; E. Ginzel, Zheng Zhenshun
Quantification of Ultrasonic Beams Using Photoelastic Visualisation

This Month's Issue focuses on Ultrasonic Testing articles of individual authors. The news column provides information of various fields of NDT. In next month's issue we will continue publishing articles of individual authors dealing with miscellaneous NDT topics.
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News - Market - Technology
KARL DEUTSCH at the Tube+Wire Show 2006 in Duesseldorf
Highlight of Karl Deutsch's booth was the exhibited ultrasonic testing mechanics for the inspection of large-diameter pipes with longitudinal weld.
New Video Borescope
Everest XLG3™ New VideoProbe® Offers Enhanced Image Quality and Interchangeable Probes.
Everest RVI extends its product line capabilities
New Ca-Zoom 6.2 features Full Motion Video Recording and Streaming Digital Video and Temperature Warning System.
Reaches inaccessible areas
THE new semi flexible INLINE Light Scope offers a low cost alternative to a wide range of non-destructive inspection applications.
Finding growing cracks in bridges as small as 0.010 inches
Material Technologies (MATECH) Invited to Present Its Metal Fatigue Detection Solutions at Several Major National Infrastructure Engineering Conferences.
PCI version of highest dynamic range digitiser
The NI PXI-5922 digitiser provides the highest dynamic range of any digitiser on the market. The digitiser, also known as a PC-based oscilloscope, is available for applications in a variety of industries including ultrasonic nondestructive test (NDT).
Oceanscan Limited & Umbilicals International Enter the ROV & Oceanographic Cable Market
Oceanscan Limited is delighted to be representing the custom cable and hose manufacturer, Umbilicals International Inc.
Olympus NDT launches a new website!
Olympus NDT is proud to announce the launch of the new www.olympusNDT.com, a global, one-stop source for Nondestructive Testing technologies and solutions.
Linde uses Phoenix s AR 5000 to test LNG plants
A unique new device which uses sonic waves to test for defects and blockages in pipes has been developed by Phoenix Inspection Systems for the German-based Linde Engineering.
Ultrasonic System Ensures the Quality of the Spot Welds
Rexroth’s PSQ 6000 — Ultrasonic and Current/Voltage Adaptive Control Quality Monitoring System Provides Maximum Reliability for Spot Welds.
Rockwood Service Corporation Acquires US Inspection Services (USI)
Rockwood provides non-destructive testing, materials engineering and related services throughout the world.
Success for Technology Design Ltd at the ASNT Spring Conference
As expected the vast majority of visitors were interested in phased array and without exception expressed delight at our TD Focus-Scan with its superior capability in a small box and indeed our latest TD Scan Software Version 16.06.
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Critical Comments on Detection and Sizing Linear Defects by Conventional Tip-Echo Diffraction and Mode-Converted Ultrasonic Techniques for Piping and Pressure Vessel Welds
P. Ciorau
Phased Array Ultrasonic Technology Contribution to Engineering Critical Assessment (ECA) of Economizer Piping Welds
P. Ciorau, D. Gray, W. Daks
Quantification of Ultrasonic Beams Using Photoelastic Visualisation
E. Ginzel, Zheng Zhenshun
Introduction to the Statistics of NDT
E. Ginzel
"Bi-curved" Ultrasonic Transducers
A. Karpelson
Love Surface Waves for Materials Evaluation
E. Nesvijski
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