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This Month's Introduction
Power at your fingertips... Sonatest Launches new Masterscan Digital Flaw Detector Series
Sonatest Launches new Masterscan Digital Flaw Detector Series

This Month's Issue contains 15 articles in a wide field of NDT. Although some articles do not come under the category of main-stream NDT, we have found that the techniques described in these papers may also be of interest to NDT.net readers. We continue to support a multi-lingua database by publishing another article in French- and for the first time an article in Chinese-.

This Month's content in the Database

News - Market - Technology
Sonatest Launches new Masterscan Digital Flaw Detector Series
The new Masterscan range, which includes the 350M and 380M, build on this strong heritage and are set to be leaders in their field for advanced NDT applications.
Sonatest Enters Condition Monitoring Market - Something worth listening through
Sonatest Ltd has gone into partnership with CTRL Systems, Inc to produce a new range of NDT products. These will be sold under the Sonatest brand and will address leak detection and condition monitoring applications.
Promising New Metamaterial could Transform Ultrasound Imaging
Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, have developed a new material that holds promise for revolutionizing the field of ultrasound imaging.
Nippon Steel Selects GEIT’s Rightrax Sensor Technology for Platform Installation
Rightrax is oil and gas industry's first remote sensor technology for continuous thickness monitoring
New TOFD courses available
Sonovation have organized two training Tofd courses for 2006, one in the English language and another in German.
Kodak selects Centura X-Ray to represent KODAK INDUSTREX Digital Systems
Eastman Kodak Company announced today that Centura X-Ray, of Cleveland, Ohio, has been named an authorized dealer for KODAK INDUSTREX Digital Systems for industrial radiography.
AGR Pipetech AS aquires Technology Design May 2006
AGR PipeTech AS has announced the completion of the acquisition of the British ultrasound specialist firm, Technology Design Ltd, a leading company in the development of inspection equipment based on phased array technology.
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Analyse Spectrale Du Champ De Deplacement Dans Les Multicouches Anisotropes : Dispersion Et Homogeneisation
Morched Ben Amor
Distributed Brillouin Sensor Based on Brillouin Scattering for Structural Health Monitoring
Xiaoyi Bao
Periodic Non-destructive Evaluation of Steel Wire Ropes: Its Importance and Practical Relevance
Debasish Basak
An Approach for the Simulation of 2D Pulsed Eddy Currents
Changqing Lee
Thickness Measurements for Non-Magnetic Metals by Using Eddy Currents
Changqing Lee
Simulation Software of NDT Techniques
Sébastien Cadeau-Belliard
On the Optical and Thermal Properties of Porous Silicon
J. Meena Devi
Functional Dependence of Ultrasonic Speed in Water on Salinity and Temperature
Mohammad Aslam Khan
Structural Features of the Stony Cotton Seeds
Adxam Payziev
Noninvasive Color Visualization of Blood Cells
Adxam Payziev
Nondestructive Methods for the Fast Determination of the Acoustic Parameters and their Applications
Petre Petculescu
Estimating G-Max & Field CBR of Soil Subgrade using a Seismic Method
S.A. Rosyidi
Measurement of Surface Void Content on Balsa Wood Using IR Thermography
Carlo Santulli
Nondestructive Testing of Meat Using Planar ElectroMagnetic Sensors
Subhas Mukhopadhyay
Inspection of Aircraft Landing Gear Components by Barkhausen Noise Measurement
Brian Stephen Wong
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