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We wish you all the best for this Holiday Season and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.
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This Month's Introduction

This Month's Issue focuses on the CDCM 2006 - Conference on Damage in Composite Materials - held in September 2006 in Stuttgart, Germany. A collection of 31 review articles of authors who worked together in the Collaborative Research Center (SFB381) is available as Online-Proceedings in this issue. Another collection of 24 review articles is available as Book: Damage and its Evolution in Fiber - Composite Materials: Simulation and Non-Destructive Evaluation.

December Issue in the Database.

News - Market - Technology
Sonotron NDT launches new ISONIC 2006
ISONIC 2006 uniquely combines functionality and mobility of high performance portable digital ultrasonic flaw detector with recording, imaging, and data processing capabilities of smart computerized inspection system ISONIC 2006 resolves a variety of ultrasonic inspection tasks.
New Computed Radiography Scanner CR50P Is Field Portable
The new CR 50P portable computed radiography scanner from GE Inspection Technologies is light and compact enough to allow the benefits of computed radiography to be realised at remote locations in applications requiring both high throughput and high resolution.
GE CR Imaging Plate System Now BAM Certified
The CRx Tower computed radiography imaging system from GE Inspection Technologies using IPS phosphor imaging plates, has been independently certified to meet the highest system class European and US standards for industrial computed radiography (CR).
New Immersion Phased Array Probes From GE Inspection Technologies
A range of phased array ultrasonic immersion transducers, optimally matched for use with the company's phased array flaw detection equipment, is now available from GE Inspection Technologies.
New Innovative Coating Thickness Gauge
Sonacoat products are used for many applications where the thickness of the coating is important, either for visual or mechanical purposes. This includes paint shops and electroplaters, automotive and ship building industries, aerospace and others.
RWE Inspection Management Newsletter
2006 has been a very good year for our customers and the inspection management team.
New Book: Damage and its Evolution in Fiber - Composite Materials: Simulation and NDE
The reader finds a collection of 24 review articles from 45 authors who worked together in a Collaborative Research Center (SFB381) on these topics.
Shimadzu Introduces USF-2000 Ultrasonic Fatigue Testing System
The system is ideal for fatigue testing applications that range from materials development of turbine blades, high-speed rotating parts, and bearings in industries from automotive to aerospace.
Sensory Launches New SpecMetrix Portable Measurement Systems
Patented systems measure anodize coatings and thin films in real-time
Bruker AXS Announces Two $5,000 X-ray Diffraction Scholarships at Materials Research Society Fall Meeting
During the 2006 Materials Research Society Fall Meeting, Bruker AXS announced the recipients of its 2006 Excellence in X-ray Diffraction (XRD) scholarships based on unique experiments performed by advanced university students.
Neues Tool überträgt Messwerte auf den PC
Die neue Software "EasyExport" der Wuppertaler Firma KARL DEUTSCH spart bei der Übernahme von Messwerten in den PC Zeit und vermeidet Übertragungsfehler.
Aims and Scope
Detection and simulation of damage are interdependent fields of world wide scientific and industrial importance. Especially composite materials are increasingly used in all kinds of technological applications in a broad range of material combinations. Due to micro-structural heterogeneity of composites, complex failure evolutions need to be characterized, monitored, and considered for the prediction of strength and lifetime.
CDCM06 is intended to bring together scientists, researchers, industrial engineers and others from around the world to share their knowledge and experience on current developments in
  • damage and its evolution in composite materials like concrete, fiber reinforced ceramics, wood, MMCs, short fiber reinforced composites, laminates etc.
  • new approaches in NDT using elastic, thermal, electro-magnetic and particle waves,
  • applications of NDT-methods to composites, structural health monitoring and residual life prediction,
  • modeling and simulation of fracture, micro-mechanical behavior, impact and delamination,
  • physical aspects of fracture and
  • advances in industrial applications.
The conference is organized by the members of the Collaborative Research Centers (CRC) SFB 381, "Characterization of Damage Evolution in Fiber Reinforced Composites by Nondestructive Testing Methods". The aim of the joint effort of the CRC members, various European Universities, DFG and DGZfP is to raise the level of awareness on the latest developments for the benefit of the scientific community.

The content is in two versions available:

CDCM 2006 Online Proceedings
CDCM 2006 in the Database
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