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This Month's Introduction

In this Month's Issue we provide articles of individual authors as well as new articles of the German ZfP Journal. For the first time we produced a keynote lecture as multimedia slideshow, read or see more about this here.

Feb '07 Issue in the Database.

News - Market - Technology
Multimedia Presentation of the ECNDT 2006 Keynote Lecture
NDT.net has produced this keynote lecture as streaming video suitable for the Internet.
Olympus NDT Introduces Nortec 500 Series Portable Eddy Current Flaw Detectors
This portable eddy current flaw detectors is available in three full-featured yet lightweight configurations.
Olympus NDT Release of Two New Software Programs
These programs are now available free for download for all existing OmniScan users at the company’s download section of the website.
New IR Thermography system benefits the Automotive Industry
Cedip Infrared Systems has released a new technical paper describing how advanced IR Thermography techniques are enabling the automotive industry to solve a wide range of applications
Metals Testing Company Receives Turbomeca Etch Approval
MTC has received Turbomeca's approval to perform macro-etching and macrographic examination on rotating parts made of Inconel 718.
ONEX to acquire Kodak's non-destructive testing business
Onex Corporation announced today that it will acquire the Health Group of Eastman Kodak Company in a transaction initially valued at approximately $2.78 billion (US$2.35 billion).
Classification of Real Flaws Using Ultrasonic Signals
Carlos Correia, Roberto Otero, Gustavo Sulbarán
CAD Techniques Helping To Enhance NDT Workflow
Steve McCarley
Modelling and Characterization of Impact Damage in Quickstep cured single lap joints
Rizwan S Choudhry, Shuguang Li, Richard Day
Contribution to Crack Sizing by Phased Array Ultrasonic Techniques. Part 2: Comparison with Optical, Magnetic Particles, Fracture Mechanics and Metallography for Last Significant Crack Tip.
P. Ciorau
Contribution to Outer Ligament Evaluation by Phased Array Ultrasonic Techniques
P. Ciorau
Photo-acoustic emission measurements in liquid-based food and aqueous products
S.R. Ravishankar, B.E. Jones
Von der Prüfaufgabe zur maßgeschneiderten digitalen Systemlösung
Hajo Schulenburg
Ein wenig Licht in das Dunkel der ElektroG-Verordnung
Göran Vogt
Der getaktete Gruppenstrahler – ein neues Verfahren zur Signalverarbeitung und Bildrekonstruktion in der zerstörungsfreien Ultraschallprüfung
L. von Bernus, A. Bulavinov, D. Joneit, M. Kröning, K. M. Reddy
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