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This new forum is a permanent Discussion Forum on NDTnet, moderated by Rolf Diederichs. You can get more information about it via the Forum Introduction and the Summary of the Forum's first two months.

Furthermore you are invited to participate in other Workshops, which will be held frequently during the year. Your specific questions can be answered in an Ask the expert forum. A workshop library listing all available resources, e.g., articles, abstracts, links, and an interactive Quiz. An exhibition is open for market information.
Sponsors are still welcome and could exhibit their products.

These workshops are free!
We would appreciate it if you would complete the registration and feedback form anyway. Plus, you can get only free necessary workshop material if you are registered, and your opinion will help us in preparing future workshops.

"A full Spectrum of Ultrasonic Testing"
There is no workshop currently active.
You can browse topics from the last workshop in May'97,
but the discussion area is closed.
Schedule: Next date not set
Examples of discussion and presented papers
Major and new applications as well as applied equipment techniques.
  • Components testing
    (Welding, Pipelines, Vessels, Civil...)
  • Materials
    (Steel, Plastics, Composits, anisotrop materials,...)
  • Material characterization, Life Assessment, Stress measurement
  • Extreme environmental applications
    (temperature, under water, pressure...)
  • Scan techniques
    (pitch and catch, tandem, arrays...)
  • Visualization techniques
    (A-B-C-D-P-Scan Display...)
  • Sizing techniques
    (DGS, TOFD...)
  • Testing of bonding and delamination
  • Equipment and evaluation techniques
    (Software/Hardware, DSP, FFT, SAFT, ALOK, Simulation...)
  • New challenges and unsolved problems
    (new materials, complexe structurs, reliability, airborne, POD...)
Wall Thickness measurement techniques and equipment
  • applications
    (pipes, corrosion, layers, extreme environmental...)
  • equipment techniques
    (signal evaluation, data processing...)
  • special probes for wall thickness applications
  • New challenges and unsolved problems
    (extreme thinness...)
Techniques for automated inspection, on-line and in-process inspection.
  • Techniques
    (probe holders, tanks , robotics, rotation...)
  • Signal processing
    (fast data processing, visualization, noise reduction...)
  • In service
    (flexible scanners, autonomic...)
  • Multi channel solutions
  • Special probes for automation (e.g., arrays)
  • Coupling techniques
    (immersion, film, squirter...)
  • New challenges and unsolved problems
    (noisy environment, high speed..)

Workshops on Special Themes
Transducer Workshop

Ultrasound Piezoelectric Transducers for NDT


new date not set

Enter to Sept '96 Workshop room and Panel of Experts
Area of discussion:
  • Transducer technology
    (piezomaterials, frequencies, arrays...)
  • Wave propagation
    (sound field, attenuation, special wave forms...)
  • Solutions for wall-thickness measurement
    (limitations, layers, corrosion...)
  • Solutions for flaw detection
    (flaw sizes, POD, Near surface resolution...)
  • Extreme environmental applications
    (temperature, pressure...)
  • New challenges and unsolved problems
    (reliability, airborne..)
The center of the Workshops or permanent Forum is an "Ask the Experts Forum". The top of the web page features the panel of experts, as well as a link to the papers by each and a short biography including a photo. Below a bulletin board will show the posted discussions. The discussion procedure will be based on an interactive form - that means readers will fill in their questions or contributions, and readers' posts will be automatically transferred to the Workshop room and listed there. The form will support attachments, e.g., documents, images, or URL's. Panel members will answering questions promptly, within 1-2 days.

Examples of other training material:

This is just a brief overview; details will be developed before each workshop starts. We think combining online publishing with such new communication methods could be really beneficial for the NDT or ultrasonic community.

We hope you'll want to participate.


Rolf Diederichs

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