Application Workshop May '97
Panel of Experts

foto Thomas J. Carodiskey
BS Physics. Employed by Krautkramer since 1976 in Lewistown, PA., USA.
Twenty-one years experience in ultrasonic applications and special transducer development.
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foto A. Chahbaz
Ahmad Chahbaz is a research engineer at Tektrend International Inc. involved in developing non-conventional advanced inspection techniques using ultrasonic guided and surface waves technologies for nondestructive evaluation of material integrity. His experience and expertise include the fundamentals of sound propagation, stress measurement via ultrasonic methods, transducer design and development of inspection procedures. He has applied this expertise to the research in the field of Smart Sensory Structures based on the use of ultrasonic stress waves. He has developed and applied artificial intelligence methods to automate the interpretation of ultrasonic waveforms. In the last two years he has been working in the development of inspection procedure and system design for aeronautical, cylinders and railroad structures. He has experience and advanced research work in robotics control and auto-guided vehicle movement. Mr. Chahbaz also has industrial experience in plant maintenance as well as in the application of statistical methods for product quality optimization.
M.Sc. Electrical Engineering, Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal, 1994
B. Sc. Engineering in Automation of Production,
Higher Institute of Chemical Technology, 1986
Current Technical Interests: Robotics, Automation, Smart Structures, Artificial intelligence & pattern recognition, Quality Control Image interpretation, Applied Ultrasonics, Defect Classification, Control Methods and Systems,
Languages: English, French
Previous Positions: Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, (Noranda Inc.) Researcher The Yemen Plastic Co. Mechanical Engineer
Present Position: Research Engineer, Nondestructive evaluation
Tektrend International Inc, NDT Technology Development Group
2113 A St. Regis Blvd., Montreal, Que., H9B 2M9
foto Dr.Ing. Anton Erhard ,
1950. He studied Materials Science with a focus on metallurgy.
Since 1976 working at the BAM and is manager of the
department VIII: NDT Laboratory VIII.41 "Ultrasonic".
Federal Institute of Materials Research and Testing
ZfP Ultrasonic Laboratory VIII.4, D-12205 Berlin
Tel. + 49 (0) 8104-0, Fax + 49 (0) 8112029
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foto Dr. Richard J. Freemantle
is a Research Fellow in the Department of Physics at Keele University, UK. He is a graduate of Keele University where he carried out research for his PhD in the area of ultrasonic non-destructive testing on adhesive bonds and thin sheet materials.
He is currently involved in several research programmes at Keele including ultrasonic adhesive cure characterisation and instrumentation for online non-destructive testing of adhesively bonded automotive structures.
UDSP Laboratory, Department of Physics,
Keele University Staffs, ST5 5BG, UK,
Tel +44 (0)1782 584306, Fax +44 (0)1782 711093
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foto Ed Ginzel
born 1952/04/04 in Kitchener, Ontario in Canada. Ed Ginzel is an independent consultant with the Materials Research Institute.
Materials Research Institute provides training and consulting to the NDT industry.
Consulting is provided to the nuclear and petrochemical industry to assist clients developing NDT techniques and to evaluate existing techniques and inspection systems. As a member of the CGSB Committee on NDT Personnel Certification he actively support the certification programme and he have endorsed it by certifying to Level 3 in LPI, MPI, ECT and UT. He also hold ASNT Level 3 certification in these methods.
Materials Research Institute
368 Lexington Road, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, N2K 2K2
tel. (519) 886-5071 fax (519) 886-8363
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Dipl.-Phys. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Hillger,
born 1951, studied physics at the University of Braunschweig and received his PhD in 1983 at the University of Braunschweig.
Since 1978 he has been in charge at the Institute of Structure Mechanics of the DLR (Deutsche Forschungsanstalt für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V.). Currently he is developing ultrasonic methods and equipments for ultrasonic imaging of internal defects in materials with high specific inhomogeneity such as composites and concrete. He is the author of more than 50 publications and holds several patents. In 1983 he founded his own company, Ingenieurbüro Dr. Hillger.
Ingenieur Büro Hillger
HighTech Ultrasonic Testing, Wilhelm Raabe Weg 13
D- 38110 Braunschweig Germany,
Phon: +49-5307-7945, Fax: +49-5307-7945
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foto Dr. Martin Krause
born 1952, studied Physics with focus on Solid state physics, thesis on the theme of reflection spectroscopy applied on semimagnetic semiconductors. Since 1990 he is working at the BAM, Lab.: "Zerstörungsfreie Prüfung im Bauwesen", Currently with a focus on: ultrasonic pulse echo methods for testing concrete members.
Federal Institute of Materials Research and Testing Lab. VII.31: Non-destructive testing in civil engineering D-12205 Berlin Germany
Tel. + 49 (0) 8104-3225, Fax + 49 (0) 8112029
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foto Friedrich Mohr,
born 1958, graduated in general theoretical and practical material sience, surface and corrosion techniques at Friedrich - Alexander - University in Erlangen in 1984. From 1983 until 1986, research engineer at SIEMENS AG KWU for eddy current techniques. Since 1986 research engineer at SIEMENS AG KWU for ultrasonic techniques. The work is focused on optimization and development of automatic UT-Systems ( ALOK, PSCAN, TOMOSCAN, LSAFT, HOLO3000, PHASCAN ). Qualification of the systems and training of adequate personnel is also part of the work. In several qualification programs like IGSCC, PISC, NESC, VIP, PDI etc. and first field expierence the capability of the developments were demonstrated world wide. Since 1994 additionally, design and manufacturing of UT- and ET- probes (including Phased Array and EMAT ) became part of the workfield.
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foto Tom Nelligan
Tom Nelligan is Senior Applications Engineer and the manager of the NDT Applications Lab at Panametrics-NDT, a business of R/D Tech Instruments Inc., in Waltham, Massachusetts. He has worked for Panametrics in the field of ultrasonic testing since 1978.
Phone: +1-781-899-2719

Udo Schlengermann
is principal investigator in the Application Laboratory of Krautkraemer with over 30 years experience in ultrasonic testing applications. In 1975 he received the Berthold award for outstanding research in the field of transducer's beam propagation.
He is also a Fellow of the DGZfP and the DGM.
Krautkraemer GmbH Co.
Robert-Bosch-Str. 3, P. 0. Box 13 63
D-50354 Huerth
Phon: +49-2233-6010, Fax: +49-2233-601402
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Jan O. Strycek
Jan Strycek serves as Vice-President at QMI for Technique Development and Marketing. He acquired in over 25 years an outstanding record in practical testing of a large variety of materials and structures. Jan is recognized and called upon worldwide as an expert for the most difficult and critical NDT tasks.
QMI - Quality Material Inspection, Inc.,
919 Sunset Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92627, USA
Tel: +1 714 631 7672, Fax : +1 714 631 7861,
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foto Linas Svilainis Ph.D.,
born 1996.06.28 in Lithuania, Kaunas.
1988 graduated Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), received diplomaed Radioengineer degree.
1987-1988 participated in ultrasonic NDT system design project IZOGRAF-1 at Ultrasound Research Center, KTU. Software user interface, hardvare control interface design, programming. Project covered contracts with leading NDT institutions of former Soviet Union.
1990-1993 IZOGRAF-2 project participation. Software upgrade, acquisition channel design, NDT training/simulation package for IZOGRAF-2. Acoustical signal processing (SAFT, adaptive gain control, imaging, inverse filtering). ULTRALAB system user/hardware interface. MINILAB system A/D conversion channel.
1993 - video image processor application for SAFT in Sweden, Linkoping University Image processing Lab.
1994 - Metal Matrix Composites (MMC) inspection project participation at University College London, UK .
1995 - fasteners clamp load evaluation using ultrasonic sputered transducers in Sweden, Linkoping University/Atlascopco inc.
1996 - Doctoral thesis "Analysis and optimization of ultrasonic imaging methods for inhomogeneous structures" defended. Participation in laminated composites inspection project at KTU Ultrasound Research Center/Linkoping University. Ultrasonic NDE system IZOGRAF-3 design executive.
Kaunas University of Technology (URL
Studentu 50, RF#340 , Kaunas, LT-3031
Tel.+370-7-751430, Fax.+370-7-767138
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foto Prof. Dr.Ing. Hermann Wuestenberg,
April 1938 - was born in Saarbrücken. He studied telecommunication at the TU Berlin where he received also his Dr.-Ing. in 1971. In 1973 Hermann Wüstenberg received the first DGZfP Berthold Award for his research of sound fields of angle beam probes. Since 1965 he works at the BAM Berlin, from 1967 he served as manager of BAM's Ultrasonic laboratory, and was promoted to manager of the NDT Acoustic and Electrical Methods laboratory in 1992. In 1992 Wuestenberg began teaching NDT at the TU Berlin. Since 1987 he is chair of the DGZfP ultrasonic committee and member of the reactor safety committee of Germans environment ministry. In 1994 he received the ECNDT Award for innovation. Prof. Wuestenberg is an outstanding NDT professional who has contributed significantly to the research and development. Moreover, he has the true international spirit and is familiar with a wide range of NDT methods and applications all over the world.
Federal Institute of Materials Research and Testing
ZfP Ultrasonic Laboratory VIII.4, D-12205 Berlin
Tel. + 49 (0) 8104-0, Fax + 49 (0) 8112029
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